ActionTiles OAuth / Authorize Things not working; Samsung login error?

I’m just trying to add 1 ST multipurpose sensor to tiles , Asks for my St account info when trying to set location
Won’t accept my password can’t get it to work

@Bobbyboy55 … I’ll try doing a Forum search (or you can try :mag:!) because login to the IDE and/or OAuth has been a problem for a random bunch of people, somehow related to differences or interconnection problems between their Samsung login and their SmartThings login.

These are supposed to be consolidated for all accounts now? Or maybe only accounts created after a certain date?

Honestly, I’ve not been able to make sense of the problem, nor have I been able to figure out if there is a single easy solution. :confused:

I clearly recall one case where the customer just “waited for a while” and the account(s) synced up… or some other nonsense or non-nonsense. I forget whether contacting SmartThings support was a step in his remediation.

Your best chance at success:

  1. Test what happens when you login directly to ; take note if you are presented with a Samsung login or something else.
  2. Take note of where you are redirected to… i.e., the URL will change to indicate which SmartThings Shard you are on. This is useful information from time to time.
  3. Open a Support ticket to giving the above information.
  4. Once they respond, if they have further questions, you can also email:

Thank you
I sent in and deleted my old Samsung account and emailed them yesterday

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