One Ikea Fyrtur blind keeps disconnecting after about a day

I have four ikea blinds paired with repeaters and the smarthings hub v2. One of the four disconnects after about a day or two, happened numberous times now; checked the blinds have the same firmware. Looking for any ideas on why one of them would disconnect like this? Do I need a v3 hub? the blinds are deployed in pairs and the disconnecting one is not the farthest from the repeater/hub.

I am having this same issue. I have 5 fyrtr roller blinds in a bedroom connected to ST, without any of the repeater plugs that came with each blind. Can the included wall plug repeaters be used with ST? If so, does each one need to be used, or just a single one?

Each day, blind #1 or #2 appear to disconnect at some point, so running a “blinds close” scene at bedtime fails to close #1 or #2. The dropped blind eventually reconnects over the course of maybe 24 hrs, or I have to power cycle the battery to reconnect.

This is happening frequently enough so as to be quite annoying. ST hub is approximately 25’ from blinds, only a closet door to interfere with signal. I also have a single ikea wall switch/controller connected to ST programmed to simply roll all the blinds up or down. It doesn’t matter if I try to operate the blinds with the ikea switch, the ST app, or Alexa voice commands…I still get a single blind disconnecting randomly.

FOllowing up to my own post…

The ikea repeaters in each furtyr box CAN be used with smartthings as zigbee repeaters in conjunction with pairing the blinds directly to the ST hub. I added two of the ikea repeaters into my ST network, and after a day or two, it looks like 2 or 3 of the 5 blinds are showing a mesh route through the repeaters with several blinds stubbornly still connecting directly to the hub (not sure why its just 3 of the blinds using a repeater, but I seem to be getting better connectivity/response for all 5 blinds, so I’m not gonna worry).

I’m also seeing a repeating path on another Sengled zigbee bulb in the house through the ikea repeater, so they are at least compatible with sengled zigbee stuff I’d assume (I mainly have zwave devices, so not much of any traffic to repeat for these zigbee repeaters).

So if you’re installing furtyr blinds, my recommendation would be to pair them directly to ST out of the box (skip the ikea inbox directions as they are written towards pairing them to the repeaters/remotes). If you pair to the inbox repeaters/remotes first like I did, and then ST, you have to reset the stop settings on the rollers and exclude the remote(s) and you’re wasting time. You can simply add the blinds to ST, and subsequently add the inbox remote(s) to ST using the ikea device handler as a remote, and program what the remote(s) do in ST (set blinds to a preset, roll down, roll up, etc.).

Final note, I did not employ the repeaters out of the box, because my hub is not very far from the blinds at all (maybe 20’ in a closet), but for whatever reason including the repeaters to my network to an outlet in the same room seems to have cut out the random drops/disconnects/non response I was seeing. Hope this helps someone else out there.