On / off control via IR of a split unit Air Conditioner

Can anyone suggest a simple on/off IR device that integrates with Hub v2. I am looking at simply turning my split unit air conditioners on/off while i am away from home, as the temperature and other settings do not need to be changed. I have had a look at ZXT-120 (some users have had trouble with getting it to work with Smartthings), Sensibo and Tado.

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I am interested to know too, if there are any such devices.

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The harmony hub can learn these commands. You would need to set up an activity for anything you want to execute, but its an official integration.

Interesting, I never thought of that! :scream: I am going to give it a try, thanks!

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Thanks! @schapper05

Have you successfully got your logitech hub to control your split unit? Would it be able to learn different codes for different units?

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I don’t have a split unit. The harmony has an ir learn functionality . As long as you have a working ir remote you can teach it commands.


The hubs are limeted by the number of devices they can control. I think the standard hub can handle 8. So depending on how many other devices you have on it you may need another.

There are threads out there on this, but I’m on my mobile atm and feeling lazy (just put together a playset :smiley: )

Thank you for the clarification and pointing me in the right direction. I have just ordered the Harmony Elite and I hope it will be able to control my units :slight_smile:

The elite can handle 15 devices, its a good remote, and a good choice for your splits as the touch screen models have ir blasters on the remote itself in Addition to the hub(something i forgot to mention) whereas the non touch screen remotes only communicate with the hub(which outputs ir, and has 2 ir blaster ports that can be extended http://www.avsforum.com/forum/93-remote-control-area/1734177-extending-harmony-ir-mini-blasters.html#/forumsite/3207/topics/1734177?page=1 )

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Have you looked to see if Intesis IR devices support your split unit? I got them for my fujitsu and was able to bridge on/off to Smartthings with IFTTT. Though from others posts it sounds like Harmony would do something similar.

Is there any cheaper solution to control on/off function device via IR ?

What kind of device? Check out this post, I tried and built my own TV and Fan control

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@Rameen the Harmony kit will work your aircon but with shortcomings. If your remote has a screen that displays temp then obviously that is an issue in that the Harmony cannot - at this time - replicate that. Also, if for instance your mode button cycles through modes without a screen you wont know what mode your aircon is in. Ive set my Elite remote to turn the aircon on, press the mode button three times and the temp button a few times. That will hopefully bring my living room down to a decent temperature before I get home but it still isnt 100% accurate. Cheaper than the Harmony hub would be one of the Orvibo hubs which I think may have a level of developer support in ST?

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Biggest issue I have had with using Harmony hub to control IR devices is that Harmony sees all IR as entertainment not HA devices. ( Unless there has been a recent change I have not noticed ) So something as simple as changing the channel on DVR will turn off A/C or IR controlled lights unless you add those devices to every Harmony routine. Personally I don’t need my A/c turned on and set to __* every time I turn my TV on.
I discovered this when I had a set a Taotronic lights set to turn on with motion. Every time motion turned the lights came on, the TV,stereo etc turned off. I can control them with Harmony app, but trying to automate them with Harmony routine was a utter failure. Same with my A/C , I can turn it on/off and adjust temperature with Harmony app.
So as long as ST can only initiate or end a Harmony routine and not actually control individual devices it is not really useful.


The harmony hub cannot learn the IR commands for my units. I have tried everything but it just won’t work at all. I do however find it pretty useful controlling all my other IR devices connected to my TV so it wasn’t a complete waste of money.

THIS. I can fiddle with it, but can’t do anything useful via smart things without the gotchas above.


I think you will find that most (maybe all) of the split units do not just transmit one code at a time, but transmit EVERYTHING.

example - change temp to 77 and it also sends fan setting, lover control, etc .

A window type usually does not.

This is the experience I had.

First off, adding my Fujitsu mini-split was easy.

But the first thing I discovered was that creating an activity to run the air will shut off any other activity.

My workaround was creating a Fujitsu remote in the Harmony app that has START and STOP buttons that I can access without running an activity.

That’s fine, but not my intention.

I want to be able to have ST run a routine as I’m approaching the house to turn on the air.

If no one is home, this is fine.

But let’s say my wife is home watching TV. If ST activates the TURN ON AIR activity, it will turn off the WATCH TV activity. So now, my wife has to press WATCH TV on the remote. That activity will now turn off the a/c. so then she has to get the a/c remote and turn the a/c back on.

Sorta defeats the purpose of this whole smart home idea…

From what I can tell, here’s the problem: ST can only run a Harmony Activity. It can’t select a remote and press a button, like you can from within the Harmony app.

If you could do that, there would be no problem.

Has anyone figured out how to use the Harmony Hub as just a dumb IR learner/blaster, bypassing Harmony App/ST integration?

Otherwise, it seems either building or getting another IR device is the only solution for controlling a mini-split.

Anyone have any luck with the Global Cache iTach?


That was exactly why I had to remove my outdoor LED strips from automation. Took me a day to figure out it was the ST turning lights on with motion that kept shutting off the TV. I can open Harmony app and control them, but can not add them to automation, since they require an activity and Harmony will only run one at a time. I obviously don’t want to turn on the TV every time motion is detected in the driveway, turn on the outside lights every time we are watching TV.

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I forgot to mention one other thing.

Within the Harmony App, there are “power settings” for devices. This lets you, in theory, control if devices turn on or off when their Activities are ended.

I experimented with this and the only result was that half my devices went haywire and would cycle on and immediately off when you would run an Activity.

Anyone have luck with these power settings?

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You could consider the zxt-120 again if harmony’s not working for you. I agree that even if harmony can learn your a/c’s IR codes, it’s kinda useless for controlling an a/c because of the way activities work.

If the zxt-120 will work with your ac’s codes, it should work ok with ST as long as you can properly install and configure a community device type that’s available. @Ron created one and used it on several split-mini a/c’s I think. I’ve been able to get some basic control over a window a/c.

What did you think of sensibo and tado? I’m guessing not much since you seem to be searching for another solution.