On/Off Button Tile switched by Harmony?

I want to turn on a simulated switch when I turn the Harmony activity off. I created a on/off button tile, and set it up in Rule Machine to turn on 2 lights. Then I wanted to go in the Harmony app and add it to an activity, but I do not see it in there? Should I be using a different device type?

You have to authorize new devices before they’re available to 3rd party integrations like Harmony. Go into setup in Harmony App -> Add/Edit Devices -> Devices -> SmartThings then choose Re-Login and you should be able to authorize your new device.


Thank you, that did it. Sorry for the lame post, still learning all of this.

No worries. It gets asked a lot in the Echo thread. Reauthorizing is sort of unique to ST in my experience. Most 3rd party connections give you access to everything on your account, but it’s smart for ST to ask you to authorize specific devices. Just adds a step.

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