Control harmony from actiontiles, buttons for volume etc

has anyone got this working yet?

I want to use actiontiles to control harmony, but i cannot add the harmony activities or set up virtual switches.

This has to be able to be achieved…

You can already add harmony activities into actiontiles that you have setup within smartthings. I have not seen anyone do the actual device functions yet. You can also have a shortcut to the harmony app within your actiontiles panel.

I only have one Harmony function in AT as I just do not have Harmony integrated as I like.

All it does is switch inputs , i,e, switches HDMI1 to AV to allow viewing of a camera. Works with Echo but added to AT as well. *It also turns on/off a ST spotlight.

Would you have to set up your actions in harmony say volume up and such as a separate task.
People did this before harmony volume and such was rolled into Alexa.

Then set them up in action tiles.

I think you would have to use something like core to force harmony to return to your watch tv activity since it can only have 1 active activity. Might have to tinker with power settings to keep tv on.

I did something like this before, now I just use my phone or tell Alexa to do it.