Dado Door Automated Pocket Door

I’m looking into stepping up my smart home automation game, and I came across . They seem like they make a perfect product for me, but I wouldn’t want to drop the cash on something like this that can’t be controlled by a central hub.

One of the ways I know it could work is with a simple switch. I am an Alexa user (Google Homes pre- ordered), so I know i have that option. However, it would be annoying to say “Alexa, turn on my bedroom door”. I’d want to say “open” and “close”. Would that be possible with a custom device handler, or does there need to be a lot more involved to get that all working without using words like trigger, or turn on/off.

There’s no way to tell based on the information they provide on their website. You just need to contact them, tell them you’re interested in an echo integration, and see what they say. I’m sure they’re getting the question pretty frequently these days.

I use a wheelchair so I pay a lot of attention to the various automatic door options. Most of them are not set up to work with smartthings. There are some things you could do, but I don’t know any community members who’ve done them.

One of the most interesting is brand-new. It is not cheap, but then neither are most automatic doors.

It’s from a Korean company Naran, with very good engineering credentials. It’s essentially a robot finger, or to be technical a tiny actuator. It’s called the “Naran microbot push.” It’s literally just a tiny button pusher that you can add to an existing button. You need to also buy their $99 bridge, called Prota, and then that has its own IFTTT channel. So that integration with smartthings is simple. :sunglasses:

Anyway, it’s possible that this door company would have a way to add a direct SmartThings integration, but it’s best to talk to them first. As I said, I’m sure they’re getting a lot of echo questions these days.

But the microbot is an interesting option for many of us who can’t physically push buttons, as well as for those who have an existing device that they want to automate but that needs a physical button push.

OK I found the master manual for the dado door system. It’s using an RS-485 serial communication network. not directly compatible with SmartThings.

I’m pretty Sure this kind of serial communication is not directly possible with the SmartThings hub, but @pstuart or @adamclark_dev might have more to add.

You might be able to set up another device as a bridge, but then you’re talking about a lot of technical skills. I also have some concerns about whether extensive safety features built into the door might be bypassed.

But others can say more. :sunglasses: