Okta device management and geofencing

My new job requires I install Okta Mobile on my iPhone in order to access my company e-mail. Okta Mobile installs a device management profile so that the company has control over company data. Since I’ve done that, SmartThings has stoped sensing my departure and arrival from home. Does anyone know if Okta Mobile interferes with Location Services and geofencing?

We use Okta but it hasn’t had that effect on my SmartThings functionality.

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Hey there! @Pacman45, I would recommend resetting your Presence Sensor by toggling the ‘get location from this phone’ off/on to see if you regain functionality. As the list of permissions for that application does not list a requirement of location services to be utilized.

Here’s a troubleshooting article for adding the mobile presence and steps for troubleshooting your Geo-Location: Use your phone as a mobile presence device

I hope this message finds you well!