Geofencing not working, fix for beginners

This hub is dangerous…I never expected to spend so much on automation but things quickly escalated after getting Smart Things!

ANYWAY I could not figure out how to setup the modes to automatically change based on phone location (aka Geofence). Tried playing around with location settings, updating software, restarting, etc. No matter what I kept getting the “no compatible devices for this feature” notice.

Turns out all you have to do is add the phone as a device (under the presence sensor category). After doing that it works great. I’m sure almost everyone here knows this already, but wanted to document the fix in case new people run into the same issue.


Glad you figured it out!. You will be asked if you want to add your phone as a presence sensor when you first set up SmartThings, but some people get nervous about that and then don’t do it and then they don’t have the phone as a presence indicator. But you can add it later if you want, as you discovered. :sunglasses:

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