OK to migrate to new app?

So, I’ve recently noticed that my app is offering to migrate to new app. I’ve seen at least one issue where some users have had a sync issue that can be resolved by support.

Are there any other drawbacks to migrating to the new app the people have experieinced? Any limitations? I assume once you migrate you can’t go back?

Goes fine for some people, others have problems. And you’re right, you can’t go back.

Official discussion thread. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Some individual reported problems:


You should at least install the new app. Check all your devices and make sure they work, if not, ask for assistance. Then you can start manually migrating stuff at your own leisure if you want.

But be aware, the migration will occur and the Classic app will cease. Easier to start now :slight_smile:

Yea, I’ve got lots of different devices and apps. Wondering if it is just worth waiting until we must move.

Are there any advantages to migrating?

oh, so I can run them side-by-side for a while? Then migrate?

Yes, you can use both apps. I do recommend not using SHM and STHM in the new app at the same time. It tends to confuse some users.

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If you mean advantages to letting Samsung do the migration for you , for now the only advantage is potentially saving yourself some time. The potential disadvantage is that you would be one of the people who run into a glitch.

You can manually add the new app and re-create your routines and scenes by yourself and that would be a safer choice. Just more tedious.

Sorry, I mean what advantages are there in running the new app? Just a more modern looking UI?

There are many new brand integrations which are only available through the new app.

The new rules engine is definitely better.

The new security feature, STHM, which replaces SHM, has some additional features like delays built in.

Beyond that, see:

Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

I have been running both apps side-by-side for over 2 years now. I have put in a suggestion a long time ago about the inability to set things to turn on and off by sunrise / sunset with an offset timer. This is important for what I have set up. I can’t get rid of the old app until this becomes available in the new app. The question is will it become available?

It’s there, but it’s limited to +/- 60 minutes, where the classic app did not have that limitation. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s not there on my app. I’m given only a selection for days of the week and what time. There is nothing about sunset/sunrise like the old app. I click on the device from the dashboard which gives me options to choose Timer, Power on, Power off. None of these options include sunset/sunrise options. Am I in the wrong place?

Also, why impose silly limitations? Is allowing people to set things the way they want it outside of 60 minutes really that detrimental to the company or user??? That kind of limitation gets annoying. Please give your users options to do as they wish without silly governance like this.

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Try by using automations and not the controls within the devices. Click + in the upper right of the dashboard and choose automation.

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Thank you, @jkp. This is helpful. I am excited to see if I can fully transition over now.

It appears that my routines (under automation) did not migrate to automation on the new app.

I assume I need to create new ones?

Wondering if I should now migrate my location, stop using old apps,and then create new automation?

Don’t do it. I Integrated and now the new app does not allow me to change key lock codes and the classic says my Schlage is not online and it is. It won’t let me change guest codes. Samsung has emailed me once a day and they can’t figure it out.

Samsung seems to be portraying it to be a UI change rather that a an actual different Application.

Off the top of my head for Zwave:

  1. New app doesn’t seem to add devices properly ( Intertek/Hank Zwave RGBW bulbs were detected and added but never showed up in the list of devices as on the Screen there was only an option to “refresh” the detection but there isn’t an option to save the detected devices )
  2. New App doesn’t seem to have the option to force remove a device (Z-wave forced Exclusion).
  3. If you go to the hub there is an item :
    " Allow this hub to instantly connect to Smart things compatible devices" Sounds like auto add. But if you toggle the switch next to it. ALL your devices will be deleted. Yes !

Frikkin thing is full of bugs. There is actual Functionality missing and Buggy.
So yeah If your devices are from the manufacturers listed you might be OK ( but if you want devices that are from other manufacturers or want to use functionality not supported by the manufacturers but are able to obtain using the old app or custom drivers. )

Just like support for Other manufacturers Video cam was killed , Samsung seems to be reducing functionality in the app. Not a Wink yet. but going that route IMHO.

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Yea, too late. I already migrated. It feels inevitable.

But yea they are changing a lot; while it does feel like thee is reduced functionality, but it looks like a lot of this are just casualties of sammy evolving the platform from an “open at all costs” to a more secure “mature” platform model (from what I’ve read about the coming API platform changes).

It definitely is a big set of changes, and it’s going to suck. Just hoping at the end of the day it is worth it…

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Ugh… Okay, looks like Automation is really different. I used to have routines for when everyone (list of people) left the house, and when anyone (same list) arrived at the house.

It looks like the automation is for one user only???

Also, I have a bunch of presence sensors (basically users from Life360 which my family uses), and I don’t seem to be able to select any of them in the automation.

Lastly (well… probably not last…) I enable location tracking on the phone on my wife’s phone, but that device isn’t showing up at all (checked in the IDE)

I use L360 as my presence sensors and use them as triggers for the leaving/arriving automations - I solely use the newApp and it’s been great. I think that if you do the native, you can only set people who you’ve invited to your house group? Don’t quote me on that - I don’t use it, but in my mind, that’d be the reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m not sure why the L360 presence people aren’t showing up - have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the service? Or waiting a bit to see if it was just lag? (It’s been a while since I set mine up, so please forgive me).