Oh you upgraded your hub? Delete EVERYTHING and start over...THANKS FOR BUYING!

I’m super curious about this…

I have 150+ devices and less than 50 smartapp/rules…

Not trying to stir the pot… But if I had that much time into a system… I’d definitely do just a small tad of research before starting an upgrade…


The OP has described his setup before. He’s using eventghost and a bunch of other stuff. :sunglasses:


Pretty interesting setup that’s for sure. I’d have to agree with @bamarayne’s assessment, but hopefully the OP can get things back up and running again without a lot of hassle, and maybe even optimize the new v2 environment.

I’m lost I upgrade any other electronic device and I have to do it manually why would this be different thought. Phones have started to make it a little easier but still not perfect and that’s about 10 years after the first smartphone. I hated changing phones had to move all my files via a computer and all. Anyone that likes toys like st should know their isn’t a migration tool and v3 will be out and I wouldn’t count on one then either.

Several home automation competitors to SmartThings provide a migration tool, including wink.

But perhaps even more significant is the fact that we were told by more than one senior staff member, including the CEO and the community manager, that they were working on a migration tool almost a year ago now.

It was originally officially promised for the end of 2015:


I get that but st doesn’t and there are a hundred topics to say so. And what I was trying to relay is I go with there isn’t until I find otherwise.

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Don’t even get me started, I’m still spitting nails!

I migrated to V2 early with hopes that ST would deliver a more robust, more functional, bluetooth enabled, local processing capable hub, only to have over a year of instability in the cloud platform, promises of a “right around the corner” migration V1 to V2 tool for all the devices, no chat support, deleted smartapps, OAUTH connections breaking, etc… Well, IMHO, ST has NEVER delivered on even half of what they promised with the V2, and I am still waiting on local processing for more than lights and motion detectors.

They did finally stabilize the cloud platform after 18 months of randomized outages, a firmware upgrade that bricked my V2 hub while I was on vacation for 3 weeks (neighbor reported that our locks were left open after they entered the house to feed the dogs, lights and motions detectors dead, etc)… and the beat goes on!

Sorry to hear about your pain, but know that many have gone through exactly what you have experienced and are still standing…but I will not be twice bitten on V3, if/when they want my support in the distant future…


Now that I hear Wink has solved this impossible challenge, the lack of progress by SmartThings stings even worse.

Now if wink had an open api that allowed us to do what we do here…


Wink does have an open api, smart things does not. Wink lacks the ability to run code by end users, st does. Big difference.


Words… Just words… You knew what I meant though😆


I have a ton of automations between LINKS, Eventghost, IFTTT and personal scripts where i only need to use one portion of what a device offers (use the multi purpose device for example. If i have one smart app to detect vibrations the same app can’t individually run a script for temperature at a certain time of day within a certain boundary when a specific person is home but no one else is, etc., etc.). Things can get complicated fast. I assumed that it would be much easier to transition because it just makes sense that it SHOULD be.

I mean, for real, why can’t i just change the details on my location and leave everything else the same? It seems over the top and ridiculous to have to do this much work just to upgrade.

I’m not even counting my plethora of emulated devices to connect devices that aren’t ST compatible so that they work with the system. Those have to be recreated and reconnected to every instance in a script i have and is going to take me weeks to re-engineer.


Good question.

Accurate observation.


I feel like you, without the heat and punctuation. That is pretty much why my hub v2 in still in the box. At this rate, it will never see daylight.

nice rant - thanks for saying it for me. But “no migration tool” is a feature of hub v2.

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I feel like the ‘tool’ in migration tool :wink:


but hey! you’re able to rebuild and optimize your routines again :joy::wink:

I’m kidding. It’s coming. The migration tool is their top priority, slated to arrive at the end of 2015.

Plus, V2 has bluetooth antennas and USB’s for future expansions! What’s not to love about the v2?


I’ll be absolutely honest. Between the Gear S2 watch app STILL not being out, and there being no Migration tool, no Bluetooth, nothing, I’m at the point now where I want to ship this junk back, get my money back, and use that money to buy a zigbee and z-wave transceiver and make my own localized hub. If I can figure out how to do this, then I’ll share it with you guys and we can have a nice ‘F-You SmartThings Party’. How’s that sound?

Only if there’s a migration tool… Lol


The actual migration to V2 didn’t bother me all that much. Yup, lots of work but… well, I;m retired and this is a hobby. What bother me more is that this effort proved to be a complete waste of time. The most of features promised with the V2 hub never materialized. In the end I moved most of my z-wave devices to z-wave stick plugged into my Pi3 and run Home Assistant (HA) along with EventGhost (EG). All my LEDS and Wemo, while accessible from within ST, are controlled via HA or EG. ST still has some devices/apps I cannot get to work within HA and Routine/Mode changes are still handles within ST as well. I have decided that ST has till march/17 to deliver on its promises and if they dont and/or the system still has too many instabilities I am bailing.

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