Offline Devices this week - OCT 9-15 / 2022

For the past 24 hours I’ve had several devices showing offline.

Phone support says nothing is wrong with my system and told me I need to manually remove and re-add each device, but I tried removing one of them, and it will not pair now.

The devices have reported and shown online during this period only to vanish again.
9 of the 10 are zigbee, one is a Zen16 which is recently re-added with the edge driver.

I do have other zigbee devices that have gone unaffected.

I am using a smartthings hub v2, on firmware 000.044.00009. iOS

I’d love any ideas as what I can try, although I realize this week, I might need to just wait it out.

What type of phone are you using? I ask because some users are reporting difficulty adding hub-connected devices if they have an iOS device. :thinking:

It is an iOS device.

I’ve only removed the one sensor. The sensors that are offline keep coming back and then going offline again. When they are online they work as expected.

There’s an issue with the iOS app for few days now. There’s a Work around here’s the link.


unfortunately nothing is found with scan nearby for my offline devices… but 8 of the 10 have come back by themselves… so now I am down to two devices showing offline. One is a zigbee device and one is a zwave device. Both stopped reporting around the same time with the other devices

Don’t use the scan nearby , that’s what’s broken in the iOS app currently. Instead, go to the Brand Name and locate the name of the brand. If it’s available, you can try adding your devices just by clicking on any device available under the brand name. It’s a temporary work around until they fix the bug. Read the article I just posted in the thread.