Official Ecobee 3 Integration


In MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp, there are 2 different types of indoor sensors that can be used:

  1. Motion/Temp sensors (such as the ecobee Remote Sensors exposed to ST, Aeon Multisensor, SmartSense, Iris Motion/Temp Sensor which have both capabilities, etc.) that be used for dynamic adjustment.

Those sensors can be used to be dynamically added to the average temp calculation (only if there are motion in the last x minutes, x being customizable).

  1. Just plain temp sensors that are always taken into account for the avg temp calculation (it can be any ST connected temp sensors).

See below

dynamicPage(name: "tempSensorSettings", title: "Indoor Temp Sensor(s) for setpoint adjustment", install: false, nextPage: motionSensorSettings) {
	section("Choose indoor sensor(s) with both Motion & Temp capabilities to be used for dynamic temp adjustment when occupied [optional]") {
		input "indoorSensors", "capability.motionSensor", title: "Which Indoor Motion/Temperature Sensor(s)", required: false, multiple:true
	section("Choose any other indoor temp sensors for avg temp adjustment [optional]") {
		input "tempSensors", "capability.temperatureMeasurement", title: "Any other temp sensors?",  multiple: true, required: false

So, if you want some temp sensors to be used on a permanent basis for avg temp calculation, you need to enter them in input 2). Otherwise, if you want to use occupancy for dynamically adding them in the avg temp calculation, you use input 1).

EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (the paid version) is even smarter as it allows you to configure rooms, zones, and schedules. For each room, you can configure a regular temp sensor and a motion sensor with a customizable threshold in minute for detecting occupancy. The occupancy can be used or not on a room by room basis.

It also allows you to create zones (virtual or even physical ones when combined with smart vents) during the day for heating/cooling your home.

  • Ex. You may want to take into account only your upstairs bedrooms for the avg temp calculation in the evenings.

  • Ex2. During the day, you may want to use only the basement and your 1st floor.

For more details refer to

There are also some screen shots and more details at the ST community wiki: