Official Ecobee 3 Integration

Hopefully ST pays @yracine for his amazing development on this device type and utilizes the majority of his code and feature sets… but I’m not holding my breath.

@drshaw, I haven’t received any offer yet …:grinning:


i have 2 ecobee 3’s in my home with 5 remote sensors,

Using the official app, it shows the same temp for both and no remote sensor support

@yvesracine’s code works better and both units work independently.
Getting errors with the Remote integration (will delete and re-add the device types this weekend to see if it helps…)

@BatraD, you usually don’t need to remove the device type if you have any errors.

You just need to re-authenticate with ecobee most of the time. .


P.S. Also, make sure to have my latest code at github

Another voice asking when we’ll see Ecobee 3 official support. We shouldn’t have to rely on the community to produce plugins for a product you advertise as supported.

Hello @santiagodraco ,

If you can read my code, you’ll realize that it is far more advanced than the stock ecobee device. It basically exposes all ecobee features to ST and it’s probably more robust than the stock one too.

EDIT: My code is now available for download at my store:

There are many mechanisms that I’ve put into my code to make sure that any issues with the ST-ecobee cloud-to-cloud integration (there are some connection issues sometimes either on the ST or the ecobee sides) will raise errors/exceptions to the ST end user so that she/he can take some appropriate actions when needed.

In fact, ST and/or ecobee should probably buy my code instead of developping another one and focus on other devices that are not already available to ST users (such as the Iris water shutoff valve).

In brief, my Custom ecobee Device:

(1) Brings more features
(2) Is more robust
(3) Is part of an ecosystem of smartapps that enable you to better control your ecobee device based on other ST devices such as temp, motion, and presence sensors, and even smart vents!

So, I don’t see how an official ecobee3 integration will bring any added value to the ST end users.

It would be a waste of time and money on the ST side. I’ve probably spent more than 1500 hours to develop my Custom Ecobee device and related smartapps…

Why SmartThings would try to redo it again?

So, why a ST user would wait for an official ecobee3 integration?

If they buy my code, then My custom Ecobee Device installation would be even easier for the end users, and everybody would be happy :grinning:

Please support the ST community developers that work hard to make this platform awesome!



I can’t wait to get my ecobee3 and leverage your code. I have been lurking on the forums for awhile and you are the man! I will thank you in advance for the questions I might have when I get started, haha. When I get my v2 hub and ecobee the fun will begin. I am pretty savvy and able to cut/paste from github into the code on ST. However, I am not a developer and might need some help. I promise I will read everything first. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and ST would be lucky to be able to buy your code and, like you said, they should!

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yvesracine kudos to you (and other community coders) for the helpful work you all do. I still believe that a company that advertises support should provide it and not rely on the community to fill the gaps. Otherwise remove the support from their site.

Oh and I hope they do buy your code!

Btw, still trying to get it to work on my system. I might be doing something wrong but didn’t test much. Will play with it again tonight :smile:

What do you think about toning down the logging? It spams the activity feed like crazy - can’t find anything else…

To reduce the logging, just edit the device’s preferences and make sure that the trace parameter is empty.

P.S. I need some basic logging to detect any exceptions/errors.

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Do you have marketing data on this?.. I have been looking for market share info and its not EZ to find specifics

I can’t wait to get mine up and running…

I have a really funky setup in the new house (3 zones, boiler, 2 air handlers) and the wiring has their support people scratching their heads.

The last I got from them today is to just give them a call when I have time and I’m near the equipment so they can try to figure out what’s going on. Hopefully I can get it hooked up to try the integration.

Can someone please help me. Ive followed the instructions to set this up for my ecobee3 but when I get to the login screen screen on myecobeeinit and then hit the ecobee required tab, it goes to a blank page and never asks me to log in

@umpmanjoe, did you follow the step by step instructions at my github?:smile:

I just executed MyEcobeeInit and it works well on my side.

You may want to active live logging in the IDE and PM me any exceptions in the logs:


I got it. It just took a while. the problem now is that in the app on my iPhone, it shows the temperature. Down on the bottom it has the up and down arrows and in the middle it says 59 degrees heat. The problem is that the ecobee is on cool right now. How can I use the smart things app to change what temperature I want the ecobee to go to, or can’t I?

What you should see, it’s something similar to this:

You can then press the up and down arrows next to ‘Cool’ to change the cooling setpoint.

If you see something different, you may be using the stock ecobee device, not My custom Ecobee device.


this is all I have

Is there more I need to add? Sorry for the questions, but I’m new to this

@umpmanjoe, Can you scroll down?

It looks like you took a picture of the upper part only.

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OK, im an idiot, I didnt realize you scroll down. But how come when I press the arrow buttons, nothing happens