Occupancy sensor with lutron caseta dimmers

Hello – I have a laundry room with a light controlled by a Caseta Wireless dimmer. I also have a SmartThings hub and a Caseta Smart Bridge Pro. I’m in California where we have Title 24 requirements, and I need to have this room controlled by an occupancy sensor. I have a couple questions:

  1. Could I install a SmartThings motion sensor to automatically turn on the light if someone enters (or opens the laundry room door)?
  2. Could I also have the light automatically turn off xx minutes after the light turns on (or after the sensor last detects motion)?
  3. If it’s possible to do (2), do I have to code this myself or is there something off-the-shelf that makes it easy to do this?


Yes to both, and it’s very easy to do with the official smart lighting feature.

The only time it would get more complicated would be if you wanted to set additional “except when” rules, and then you would probably use core which is A much more sophisticated rules engine. But for what you describe so far, the official smart lighting feature would work fine.

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Hi @calumin,

This is easily accomplished with ST SmartLighting app. If you don’t already use it, than this is an overview.
You can hav a light triggered by many things including an motion sensor connected to the ST platform and you can also have it turn off when motion stops after some time.

SmartLighting by ST is the simplest way to automate a light. If you for some reason need to have compex rules assigned to motion and lighting, than you need to use CoRe a community created rule engine which @JDRoberts has pointed out to you.

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SmartLighting also has options, so I do this with my guest bathroom door. I say turn on the guest bathroom fan if the door closes. Then I check off the box that says “turn off the fan when the door opens” but then there’s an additional options thing and you can pick “after 20 minutes.” So that way door closes, fan goes on. Door opens and stays open for 20 mins, fan goes off. Door closes during the 20 mins, the timer resets, etc.