[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

I don’t own a gateway but I would love to figure out the integration.

I have a Xiaomi robot vacuum and love it. I love their sensors, I would love to figure this out.

You can integrate xiaomi gateway to homeassistant and integrate homeassistant using mqtt bridge to smartthings and use virtual switches to control it, works too for xiaomi vacuum cleaner

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Another possible man in the middle option is to use Domoticz which the Xiaomi Gateway can connect too


There is a community Smartapp that connects some Domoticz devices to ST , but you would need to ask @dudz40, what ones may or may not be supported by his interface.

Domoticz Server will connect anything that is of type Switch/Light/Blinds/MultiState switches, it really does not look at the brand, if it is supported by Domoticz the app will transfer it into a known device in ST with capabilities known to ST. The app will do some additional things like matching contact/power/lux/thermostat functions to sensor types within ST as well. So it does not matter if it is Hue/Xiaomi/Limitless led whatever, it will convert to a type within ST.

Anyone come across a Xiaomi Plug that can be used as a repeater. I heard they were out there but not a lot of luck finding one. Trying to get around the 32 device limit for Zigbee. I ear that these plugs are the only ones that can connect the Xiaomi devices to the ST hub via a Zigbee repeater. Otherwise they have to be a direct connect to the ST hub

@a4refillpad tried to get the ZigBee-based Xiaomi Outlet working as a repeater, and ultimately found that they just don’t work in conjunction with SmartThings:

My advice is not bother. Just ripped all mine out in disgust!!
50 dropped zigbee devices over 48 hours. Totally wrecks your mesh. I have close to 170 zigbee devices in the house, these outlets are a disaster if you have a lot of devices like me.

Some days later he came up with a CoRE piston workaround that got them working, but not reliably.

I haven’t hit the 32 device limit (yet), but I was planning on getting an Iris Smart Plug (that does both ZigBee and Z-Wave repeating). I just haven’t researched whether it will repeat with Xiaomi devices correctly.

Iris does not repeat Xiaomi devices. I have two and every time they repeat via the iris plugs they drop.

I am going to experiment with an xbee.

Let me know how it works for you - so far I haven’t gotten any end device to attach to either of my xbees.

Thats odd. Assume you used the same settings as i did (see post on flakey zigbee).

The other way of doing it is connect to the hub, move them, then plug xbee in and out, they will claim the device and mine have now been rock solid for 2 weeks (zero intervention).

Interesting that method worked.

All the SmartThings FAQ information states that ZigBee devices will only change from connection to a hub to a repeater (“router”) if the hub is powered off (& backup batteries removed) for a couple of hours.

I would still love to know which ZigBee repeater works with Xiaomi devices without any issues.

I think the faq isnt right. xctu mapping disagrees

Is this the xbee repeater you’re talking about?

$69… ouch!

no, you can buy little modules that then plug into little boards.

I am using a Xbee pro series 2.
Digi XBee-PRO S2 (Series 2) Zigbee. Wire antenna. XBP24

Also got the grove development board. overkill but quality…
XBee Development Board - Grove - 76000956

these were purchased from ebay. I paid $27 for both.

DO you have this as a project. Pictures would be great and what do you have this plugged into. I have so many of these devices that I will do anything to get these to stay connected

Is this something that can work and will it work with these devices


I am just not able to find any xBee series 2 zigbee boards for much less than $16-17 but those seem to be series 1, and I can’t find any xBee Grove development boards on eBay at all. There are xBee to USB boards anywhere from $4 (can I even trust that??) to well over $20 but most of them don’t have a reset button (apparently needed to do firmware updates).

Anyhow, I will do some research and make any future posts on @adam_walker’s thread discussing the xBee repeater solution.

I spoke too soon - mine have started to work - responding in more detail on the thread mentioned above!

We’ll see how it goes - I’m encouraged.

Thanks again for the great guide!

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Well I have had it with these Xiaomi devices. I have about 6 round Temp/Hum sensors and about 6 square ones. I am willing to trade for 6 of the Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor or best offer. PM me if you are interested.

Down to 4 each left . If you need any let me know I no longer use them

Is there any DH for the Xiaomi 2-button Wall Switch (WXKG02LM) where both buttons are recognised?

I think this one should. I do not have this button though.