[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

[RELEASE] Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switch DTH v0.9b BETA

For 2016 & 2018 revisions of the 2-button WXKG02LM and 1-button WXKG03LM

This new device handler (DTH) was split off from the “old” Aqara Button DTH in order to best support the two revisions of the one and two-button Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switches. The code has been written so that this device handler can be used with any firmware version, but for users with hub running on Firmware 25.20 or newer, all three actions of the older 2016 revision two-button model WXKG02LM are now recognized: left, right, and both button(s) pushed.

Please see this post for full details about this new device handler and the link to the DTH code.

I have seen this behavior with some of my Door Window sensors, and also read about other people experiencing it.

It seems to be an issue specific to Xiaomi and Aqara Door Window sensors, and might be a result of incorrect alignment between the two sides of the sensor (the side with the battery/circuit board, and the magnet side).

I was in discussions with a user of another home automation platform that I use, the Hubitat Hub, about how to change the code to ignore “false” open / close messages, so when I have time I can look at adding this feature to the SmartThings device handler.

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