[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

The repeater plug that was closes to where I was paring was the CentraLite 4257050-RZHAC. It came packed in with my ST hub kit. I recently moved it as I got two of the Lowes Iris Zigbee and Z-Wave repeater / plugs that look exactly the same as the CentraLite. During the pairing, I unplugged the CentraLite and one Iris repeater/plug. The other Iris repeater/plug is in the basement to sure up a z-wave recessed door sensor.

So, I am not sure which plug it was, but both are paired. I have plugged back in the Iris repeater/plug and everyone is still connected after 12 hours. I will be sure to update if something changes or learn something new.

Glad I hear you got them paired! There’s a chance they will eventually try to reroute through the plugs, and drop off again. As mentioned above, there are very few repeaters that are known to work well with the Xiaomi/Aqara devices. I use Ikea Tradfri plugs and bulbs as my only zigbee repeaters, which works very well.

Wow, great info on the Ikea plugs. People have also document that other repeater/plugs cause problems with the Xiaomi devices too; however, the Ikea do not seem to have this issue. Interesting how similar these Ikea products look like the Xiaomi buttons too.

Had anyone created a good DH for the Ikea plugs or just using the default Zigbee Switch DH? I love a DH with all the extras.

Ikea and Xiaomi have started a joint venture into home automation

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I just use the built in “Zigbee Switch” - working great…!

Tempting, to pick one up for $10 although I don’t really need one. It does not report energy usage over time or can turn off after a set amount of time?

No energy reporting…
But you can use the Smart lighting app and a virtual switch to create at timed rule…
I used them for controlling my outdoor christmas lights, turning on/off at sundown/sunrise…

Are they a pain to initially pair like the other Xiaomi products? I don’t see a special DH so do you have to use the catchall method?

They pair very easily (no catchall method required), and work well with the standard zigbee switch DH. Just put the plug into pairing mode (put a pin/paperclip into the hole in the side to push and hold the reset button for a few seconds), search for new devices from the app, and it will show up as an Ikea Tradfri control outlet, and will automatically assign the zigbee switch DH to it.

Edit: for what it’s worth, the other devices known to work well as repeaters for Xiaomi/Aqara devices are Ikea Tradfri bulbs, x-bees, and these custom devices put together by a community member: https://community.smartthings.com/t/another-zigbee-repeater-solution-with-temperature-humidity-pressure-and-light-sensors/123815

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No wonder they are compatible as repeaters, then!

[UPDATE] “Original” Xiaomi Button DTH v1.3

(For Xiaomi’s round button, model WXKG01LM)

This release adds support for previously hidden functionality that is being “revealed” with firmware version 0.25.20. Because firmware 25.20 (which is being deployed beginning March 6 2019) is required, this new DTH should only be used by SmartThings Hub v2 and v3 users.

[UPDATE] Aqara Button DTH v1.4b BETA

(For models WXKG11LM (original / new revisions) and WXKG12LM

This release fixes “broken” functionality for the original revision of Aqara Button model WXKG11LM due to a change in firmware version 0.25.20 (which is being deployed beginning March 6 2019). However, this new DTH also adds multi-click functionality for the same Aqara Button model, which was not available in previous firmware versions.

NOTE: These updated DTHs only work with Firmware 25.20 or newer, which is currently only available for SmartThings v2 or v3 Hubs.

Please see this post for details and links to the updated DTH code.


Any ideas what causes one of my xiaomi aqara Door sensors to report multiple log lines “was opened” or “was closed”. It seems to be just one sensor and other 8 are working normally. Im using echos to announce when Door was opened. Now echo announces sometimes 3 times that front Door was opened. Sometimes tht ja sensor works normally and creates one log line when sensor was opened or closed.

[RELEASE] Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switch DTH v0.9b BETA

For 2016 & 2018 revisions of the 2-button WXKG02LM and 1-button WXKG03LM

This new device handler (DTH) was split off from the “old” Aqara Button DTH in order to best support the two revisions of the one and two-button Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switches. The code has been written so that this device handler can be used with any firmware version, but for users with hub running on Firmware 25.20 or newer, all three actions of the older 2016 revision two-button model WXKG02LM are now recognized: left, right, and both button(s) pushed.

Please see this post for full details about this new device handler and the link to the DTH code.

I have seen this behavior with some of my Door Window sensors, and also read about other people experiencing it.

It seems to be an issue specific to Xiaomi and Aqara Door Window sensors, and might be a result of incorrect alignment between the two sides of the sensor (the side with the battery/circuit board, and the magnet side).

I was in discussions with a user of another home automation platform that I use, the Hubitat Hub, about how to change the code to ignore “false” open / close messages, so when I have time I can look at adding this feature to the SmartThings device handler.

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That would be really great. Thanks for the informaation too. Mean while Im going to test swapping sensors if its individual sensor problem. First I tought its because of bad installation alingment but it did not help when I removed sensor and manually (by hand) opened and closed sensor. Sometimes one line sometimes three or four.

Today I changed sensors from back door to front door. Back door sensor has been working normally and doesn’t report multilple lines like front door sensor does. Change made back door sensor report multiple lines like front door does. So there has to be something in front door location in zigbee mesh or bad place for the magnetic part. That I already tried to change and got no better results.

I just had 6 Xiaomi devices drop off on Sunday. Times are:

Some were added three months ago.

Do you have any repeaters? The don’t play well at all except for Xiamomi and Ikea repeaters.

I have Trådfri bulbs as repeaters but not near front door. I Think I should take one of the Ikea bulbs away from Hue and add it to Smartthings.

Let us know if that works. Although these seem like high quality yet inexpensive devices, I am beginning to think that it is too good to be true.

Well I had and still have some other issues too with xiaomi sensors some time to time. They seem to be very picky if repeaters (trådfri bulbs) loses their power for couple of hours. When repeaters are powered off xiaomi sensors are offline as long as I manually reconnect them to ST. Reconnecting means bringing sensor near ST hub and start to search new things. Sensors are found and they are named straight like they were before so I just need to search them and save them again. Then after couple of minutes they work normally.

I’m not sure if this is right english word to describe it but I’m using so called residual-current relay (?) attached to outlet and trådfri bulbs are behind this relay. Every time when even small change in voltage happens relay cuts power from outlet for the safety reasons. If this happens at night then it means that there is no ikea repeaters to use for hours before I go and manually press reset in relay. This is not a big problem but it’s annoying when it happens. Relay cuts power maybe once in month (old house and winter time) but it’s always pain in the ass to take all six xiaomi sensors (behind ikea bulbs) away and pair them again.
But I have to say. Xiaomi sensors are cheap and most of the time they work great. It’s all about basically how much do you want to put money in sensors. If I pay more I get sensors which are supported and most likely works better that Xiaomi sensors. But I chose xiaomis because they are much cheaper… :slight_smile: