[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

I sometimes have seen quite some delay on for the first data to show on the app. One of my sensor data showed up like after 30 minutes. So after you pair and maybe wait for sometime before trying.

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I’m having the same thing with my button I got today. Did you ever find a resolution for it?

Do these run locally, since the hub now supports zigbee/zwave local?

Well no success with any of them. I purchase 9 of the temp sensors and can’t get any of them to even be seen. Looked through the log and there is noting in there as I try to pair them. I guess I have bum sensors. I will see if I can find a better temp sensor and send these back

Does anyone see raw data like this :
Temp Sensor unknown is read attr - raw: 392B0104031C000029F503140028FF1000299227, dni: 392B, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0403, size: 1C, attrId: 0000, encoding: 29, value: 2792290010ff28001403f5

I have been seeing this quite a lot, like with every update I see this. Although sensors are working fine, but each sensor along with the ping has this error.

I got this from my sensor’s event’s list.

just got my delivery of sensors etc, paired a button easy enough, it detects the push but won’t turn on the bulb associated with it ?
anyone else got there button working ?

Sorry to hear Phil. Perhaps try contacting the community masters(Wayne was the original owner, but there are a few others who have been supporting and testing this DH) here? They might be able to help more than I can.

I am at this point assuming that after you have pressed the little button on top of sensor for 5 seconds you get the 3 flashes and you release the button(and during this period you are in “add a thing” tab in your phone app), but you don’t see catchall in your list events(in IDE) at all. AFAIK this was the most reliable of all methods that I saw other community members use.

Does your list events show something like this below? Zwave include search started?

I have the same problem as you, I have a lot of xiaomi sensors of different kinds, they all paired easily and works perfectly. After the firmware update I can’t pair more of them anymore, not by button presses, not by catchall, they don’t show up in log.
Today I got an original zigbee device, the Samsung SmartThings Presence sensor, all the same impossible to pair, I can only pair z-wave devices after the firmware update, it bricked my hub.
I bought a second hub, will test that over the weekend.

Which firmware are you on? My hub firmware version is this : 000.019.00017

I’m on the 000.019.00017 firmware, and the problems came same day as the firmware update.

I believe they are rolling out a new firmware on Monday. Maybe that will fix it. Just saw an announcement in the forum.

I am not sure what we are missing then, since both our versions are same. I paired 2 sensors 2 days ago and everything went fine.

Something must have gone wrong with my update since I can’t pair original smartthings sensors either, seams like I can’t pair zigbee sensors at all.

I have the same version as you and can’t see any of them. I go through the process as described above and nothing. I look at the events and it does not even see it trying in the catchall. Maybe Monday will give us other options. I have had the same hub for about 2 years.

So I am gonna say a dumb thing here, but can you try power cycle the hub? Quite a lot of times it will clear your cache data from older update, and even get new states etc for devices.

Perhaps try that and see if you can see any device pairing?

Hi, I have tried several time to leave it unplugged without batteries, I also unpaired the hue hub, removed power from all my hues, moved away all the sensors close to the hub, nothing.

I am so confused of why a firmware is acting differently for same hardware. It ll be interesting to see what solution/fix they have done for this on Monday. Was it you who mentioned that they are putting out a new release on Monday? Do you know if it is to solve the issues that you are facing or is it a general rollout?

I have not heard about any firmware update, but I hope it’s coming. I think maybe there is a lot of small revisions on the hubs, my hub is only a couple of months old. I have bought me one more to test, but I will not plug it in if there is a new firmware on the way.

The firmware update was mentioned here. But nothing specific to your issue.

Also check to see that your timezone is set properly. In the IDE go under My Locations, Home and you should see your timezone listed at the top. I only ask because I was troubleshooting an issue earlier and found that this wasn’t set and caused things to not work. Since fixing that everything started to work properly.

Turns out I can’t add any devices. I just go some Monoprice Motion/Temp Sensors and they wont even add.