[OBSOLETE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

don’t suppose you fancy posting your github or a link to your sketch so i can make a few tweaks to it could you? fair enough if you’re still making money from your devices though.

I’m not making any money from it now (it doesn’t cover the costs of selling tools), and I have published the source code (though I am not totally convinced I’ve published code with all the latest changes). I can check the latest date if needed.

What features did you want to add? I’m always keen on improving things.

ah cool. it wasn’t anything in particular right now. i was really looking at it from a curiousity point of view and seeing how it works and how I can tweak it. Its the first time i’ve seen some kind of code on a esp device running anything more than a little complicated.

Do you have a link to your github? (or are you davesmeghead?)

Link is in the first post. I will need to upload the very latest ESP code at some point, but should give you virtually everything you need from it.

Anyone know if the device handler is going to keep on working after September when they deprecate the old API?
Are we going to be losing access to our Alarms soon? :scream: :scream:

@cjcharles any interest in creating an edge driver for the visonic Powermax?
Are you still using ST and the Visonic Alarm?

I believe the current DH is written in Groovy which means it will stop working very soon.

Any others here who would be interested in creating an edge driver?

Afraid I moved to hubitat and have built an improved integration there. I did look at trying to support ST and edge but their CLI interface was beyond confusing and nothing worked so I gave up and don’t have time to go back to it now.

My code is online so somebody could pick it up if they wanted and there is hopefully some enough capacity in the ESP to support.

Well, was afraid you moved on, but off coarse thanks very much to where you brought the whole integration in the past.

Is there anyone brave here to attempt to create a new Edge driver? Without it I am afraid we will lose access to our alarm, and personally that’s one of the most important component in my smart home…

Is anyone still using this at all?
No one interested in creating an edge driver so this integration doesn’t go to the drain soon?

Hello! Yes, still using and still works great on ST with my Alarm Panel.
What will be the future of this integration? @cjcharles should we expect this to stop working from some point?

@Arielgr do you have any updates from your daily usage? I really don’t want to lose this great work…

I’ve been using my Powermax + with ST for a number of years but I’m now looking at moving it over to Home Assistant.
I’ve got all my other kit working in Home Assistant and was wondering if there was a step by step for getting my Powermax+ ST integration to work with HA. I’ve setup the integration in HA but do I need to reflash/ reconfigure my ESP8266 Wemos in the panel?

I haven’t done it myself but it should be very easy to swap to mqtt notifications rather than the default web requests, and then it’s super easy to action those in HA. I think there are a few people in this thread who have done it.

I’ve updated to the latest firmware on the wemos but having trouble with the settings to get this to work with HA/ MQTT.
Is the Smart Home Controller IP/ Port the HA IP/ Port?
Is the Static IP, the IP of the Wemos?
If so, then in HA it prompts me for a IP and port which I assume is the Wemos, what port would it be?
I’m using the HA integration from here: Home · davesmeghead/visonic Wiki · GitHub but struggling…any help appreciated.

Search in this topic for mqtt and it’s very easy to pull the sensor and alarm status into HA. There is no specific integration with my device it uses mqtt.

Can someone explain what the issue is?
I keep hearing that this integration was ending last year and now this thread is marked obsolete?

The integration is still working fine for me?

I think a moderator marked it as obsolete, not me.

It’s all down to when smartthings close down groovy. The code for the integration is published, so somebody could undoubtedly modify it to support the new-ST platform, alternatively the current ESP/Wemos code supports Hubitat or Home Assistant (via mqtt).

I get that but wasn’t it supposed to end last September, it’s all still working so long after the cut off…

Thanks for that, it looks like it might be with us for quite a few months yet then.

@Paulih here is the post with good instructions for mqtt setup