[OBSOLETE] Vacation Light Director

Your app is terrific. Thanks for sharing it. I have one question/request. Is there any way to add in the option of having the app only run during certain times. I have it set to run when I’m in goodbye mode but I don’t really need it to run during daylight hours and I’m not sure how to get around that.


It’s already an option.

I got it now. Thanks again!

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Great app!
In addition to lights, I set up a switch for a radio upstairs that is set to a talk-radio station. It is just loud enough for someone to hear voices if they listen from outside.

…would be nice to have an old fashion television that could turn on with switched power… :smirk:


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Is the GUI in the Android ST app different than iOS, because I click on + to add the app (after adding it thru IDE, saving and Publishing->For Me) but I do not see My Apps. I see Things, Alerts, Actions and More. Help!

sign out of the mobile app then back in

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I’m also having issues with the start/end time. I can set both in the mobile app and they’re cached. However the mobile app never shows the “green” flash at the top level for these values being set. (Works fine for days). The result is the app works fine but switches everything on a 24 hr schedule. The start & end time are simply ignored. Any suggestions?

I have zero issues with this… Not sure why anyone else is but the app works as advertised for me. Are you following all directions and notes when setting up the app?

For instance the time restrictions requires both times to be filled in.

Ok so i did find something weird but not what you are describing. I find that it ignores the time if outside of the time paramter and will turn off lights over and over. No on command is being sent from the app outside of the time restricitons though. I will look into this.

@tslagle13 - I had similar crashes. I just installed it so I’ll check tonight if it works.

One other note - is it possible to add an option for the start time as sunset rather than a set time?

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This is a great idea. I need to see if I can run my @obycode app to do this over my AirPlay speakers. I could see people using a sonos for that as well.

Might be a great addition to the app - an “always on” switch for talking. Or, maybe I’ll just have my house randomly say things and freak out the cats!

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You could definitely setup a playlist with a talk radio Internet radio station and trigger it to play with ObyThing. I like this idea.

Can’t update my OP for some reason. Link to github changed and app name has changed as well.


Any change to the code?
Thanks again,

nope :slight_smile: just updated link and name

This does not seem to be running for me anymore. It worked the other day, but it didn’t work tonight. Anyone else having issues? I didn’t make any changes on my side.

@tslagle13 Yep, definitely not working. I’ve adjust times, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve updated the code just in case and republished. I cannot get this to fire. I have a Vacation mode and the app is set to work while in that mode in the specified time window.

This was literally working fine and then it stopped working recently (as in the past few days). Any changes to the cloud that anyone know of?

I’m also looking in Live Logging and the app is not saying anything when the time to activate passes.

You are right sir. Mine isn’t working either…

Must be something they changed on their end…

It’s easter weekend so most likely won’t be able to look at this until next week.

No problem and NO RUSH!!! I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t me. :smile:

I already submitted a ticket yesterday to support so they are aware.

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It’s working again for me…