Spurious switching

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That might well be the case Tim and thanks so much for the reply. I have a teenage daughter that refuses to subscribe to SmartThings presence and so the house is in Away mode when she is home. She was turning on lights with ActiOn and reporting that things were changing.

I also found an issue with the timezone my hub was utilising but this was probably unrelated.

So no practical issue at all as it turns out, but let me know if there is anything I can do with use cases or the like to provide info. Cheers, Graham

First we dealt with WAF, then HAF, went diplomatic with FAF and now there is tDAF.

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Oh man, so many acronyms! I still like FAF, but it sounds funny if you pronounce it out loud.


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@smart LOL… I have 4 teenagers in my house with highly varying degrees of acceptance, tolerance, refusal, and utter disgust with the HA setup.


I think it’s safe to say they’ll grow out of this phase, and isn’t just exclusive to the HA setup! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Source: Have been a teenager once. (haha… )

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@April by then I guess it will be a part of life…

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If I ever have a baby, I will HA train the baby along potty train the baby. If I have a dog, will train it to sniff for answers in the forum and reboot the hub. :wink:

I will probably plan a baby to be a mini state of IOT reporting device in our household… Won’t need my phone or the IDE.

That is bizarre. My 15 year old never even blinked. He is already “connected” to so many other services, this was just another one. I thought for sure he would have refused to use life360, but he actually loves it. He has friends at school who are trying to convince their parents to use life360 and it’s the technophobic parents who are not willing in that case.


@jodyalbritton All of my teenagers are somewhat relucant to use presense detection on their phones, also i didn’t install the iOS app because I have switches in different kids rooms and they will mess with the other kids lights on an off.

They use the Action Dashboard, and actually like that quite a bit. I don’t have anything turning on or off w/ presence detection because it is so unreliable and drives everyone nuts. The kids did NOT like the presence detectors in their cars, so I could tell when they got home, they thought it would track them everywhere and NOT comfortable with that.

The cameras throughout the house also sometimes make them uncomfortable as well. They LOVE the Sonos, and the Hue work well. The biggest things are the things they don’t notice, where certain rooms are all motion activated only and the lights turn on and off. I had a few dimmer switches in rooms initially but those had to be remove because they didn’t work the same as the paddle switch and it annoyed everyone if someone held it on and dimmed to a low level and someone else couldn’t figure it out.

I’ve had to find a good balance on the speed of adoption, and really prove out use cases where it shows them a benefit of the HA not just making something that was simple (turning on and off a light) more of a pain in the butt now.

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Ahhhh! Yeah this is not going to work. The way the app logic is setup there isn’t any way around this. :frowning:

Unfortuantely there isn’t really a better way to do it either :frowning:

It must be luck of the draw for me then. My son does not care If I know where he is 24/7. You have to show them the value in it and it’s also a trust issue. life360 works both ways, he can see where I am 24/7 as well. I don’t spy on him and allow him a great deal of autonomy.

t(+)DAF in my case as she’s almost out of that age group, but it’s funny how different people in the my house react to the HA and more how personality and quirks of technology interact. In this case my wife and I both use Life360 as well as the Android app as while Android presence is great on my device (One+ with KitKat), it’s terrible on hers (Nexus 5 with Lollipop). So we both also use Life 360 and it’s great as we can use additional zones to help with the commute and public transit pickups as well as for the HA presence.
While my wife really like the presence stuff and it’s advantages (entrance lights on when she gets home, furnace cranked up when she leaves work etc), and appreciates the security elements, she’s no fan of technology changing her habits - using her phone for light switching for example. We’ll compromise on wall mounted switches driving scenes I think.
My daughter is the exact opposite. She loves the automation elements but sees any attempt to geolocate her even to the general vicinity of the house as an invasion of privacy. I could probably/maybe talk her into a SmartThings presence sensor but then I’d have 3 geolocation methods running and I’d rather not. So we compromised on her potentially putting up with ‘random’ light switchings when she’s alone in the house…which isn’t often.

Anyways, that’s a very verbose way to say great app!


Yeah, it isn’t the trust I don’t think because we all have iPhone and they have Find my iPhone on it, and we all share location and share Google Calendar.

There is something about the house talking (Sonos) or the auto turning on lights that initially freaked them out.

My son, who is 13, has no problems with it. it is just all of the girls that are having the most issues with it. It has been about 15 months, I think it was too many devices to quickly initially.