[OBSOLETE] - Universal ZigBee Lock DTH with Lock Codes

So the icons are what I have for the moment. Trying to come up with better ones. Now with the text overlay, the latest SmartThings Android app broke the layout and the text overlaps the icons. I’m hoping they fix it soon as I don’t have a way to resolve that. Not sure if it happens on iOS as well.

what i see is on iOS, i am trying to play with the tile size to see how best to address that issue.

Yeah. I have the text issues on a lot of different DTHs so I figure it is not the code. I’ve also read that it seems to be a recurring problem that appears in releases of the phone app.

Edit: Looks like the latest app was just released that resolves this issue.

ok, thank you. Bottom line is that you have done a awesome job. Thank you once again !!!

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This has been updated to Release Candidate 0.6a. If you have the ability, I would recommend removing and re-adding your lock to SmartThings. Otherwise be sure to at least run the Force Reconfigure option.

Added ability to enable Privacy Mode. I have also cleaned up the layout for Kwikset locks. Tiles no longer show the text unsupported but instead show the locks current setting. Unfortunately due to limitations with the Kwikset locks, this cannot be modified through the DTH, but is at least now reported.

I still have not had confirmation of how this works with Kwikset locks (as I only have had feedback from Yale users). Please let me know if you are using this with a Kwikset lock and this works for you.

Of course feedback from all users is appreciated, especially if you are experiencing any issues. I would like to submit this code to SmartThings but need more user testing.

So I’m working on version 0.7. I’m again attempting to tackle enabling/disabling the keypad. With my Yale YRD240, there is an issue receiving responses as to whether or not the keypad is enabled or disabled. I have a poor workaround, but was hoping some of you could offer input.

So I have the ability to remotely enable/disable the keypad (in privacy mode). The workaround I have allows me to know when the keypad is enabled manually by unlocking the deadbolt. However if you use the privacy mode button to enable or disable the keypad, I don’t get notification. Also as a note, in privacy mode you can only disable privacy mode, all other remote commands are disabled.

Another option is vacation mode. In vacation mode I can enable/disable the keypad, but again I do not get any kind of notification if it changes. Manually the only way to change it is to enable privacy mode with the privacy mode button. Also, unlike privacy mode, when you manually unlock the lock, the keypad stays disabled. On the other hand, remote commands still work (such as lock, unlock).

A lot of the other features are not as important to me as remotely setting vacation/privacy mode. I like knowing that the keypad can be disabled when I enable SHM(Home).

I’m going to send a query to Yale but I don’t expect to hear much. Let me know if the community has a preference to vacation or privacy mode. Everyone, have a good holiday!

Updated to Version 0.7. This version finally adds the enable/disable keypad ability. If there is a demand, I can add a toggle to go between Enabled, Vacation, and Privacy mode.

NOTE: Unfortunately, because of changes to the zigbeeConfigure directives, you must delete and readd your lock to SmartThings. This is for all installations, including those who install this for the first time. Once you install this DTH, future updates should not need the lock reinstall.

New version 0.7a. If you are using any previous version of this DTH, I apologize as you will need to remove and re-add your lock again to SmartThings. This new version does not require this step for brand new installs.

Updated to 0.7b. Just fixing a few minor bugs, no major changes.

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Version 1.0 released. Fixed GitHub integration. There probably will not be as many releases of this from now on unless there is a need for bug fixes or additional features.

Does this Device handler support this lock
Keyfree Connected Smart Lock
Does it support all these features (Yale Locks Only: Volume, AutoLock, Privacy Mode, Wrong Code Entry Limit, Invalid Code Entry Lockout Time, and One Touch Locking)

I would say in theory that lock should work as all of the commands are based on ZigBee standards. Unfortunately, the lock has never been tested with this code so I can’t say for sure. This code is based on the standard ZigBee Lock I pulled from SmartThings GitHub repo. The repo only includes the ZigBee fingerprints of 4 Yale locks. The one above is not included however, I do know the keyfree lock is officially supported by SmartThings.

If you already own the lock, I’d appreciate if you’d be able to try the it out. I may need to get your lock’s fingerprint (not sure) @tpmanley

I just submitted this to SmartThings for review. Hopefully one day soon it will be available without needing to install this custom code.

Hi, thank you, it appears does not support volume etc on quick check. I can look for finger print if it helps
Plz advise how I do find fingerprint info

After adding the code and changing the device handler be sure to click force reconfigure once. This will tell the lock to report on volume and privacy mode (keypad enabled/disabled) events. That may be your issue.

If that doesn’t work I’ll get back to you on how to get the fingerprint. Since the lock is supported, it should be listed in SmartThings code but there may be a UK only version. That’s why I don’t see it.

I have done force reconfigure, all tiles are greyed out except for No Alerts which is green, rest all tiles say unsupported

OK thanks for the update. Must be the fingerprint issue. I believe, you can pull it from the live logs when the lock is first paired to SmartThings (meaning it needs to be removed and readded unfortunately). If you want to wait on that, it is possible that @tpmanley can get that fingerprint for me.

Actually it looks like I may only need the model info posted in your device tab when using the default DTH. My Yale lock shows YRD220/240 TSDB

Cheers mate, I’ll wait

fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000,0001,0003,0009,000A,0101,0020", outClusters: "000A,0019", manufacturer: "Yale", model: "YRL210 PB LL", deviceJoinName: "Yale Push Button Lever Lock"

You can add the line above with your correct model after the other fingerprints. If that works for you I’ll update the code when I get a chance.

Is possible send notification is lock still unlock for X minutes?