[OBSOLETE] SmartApp “Dimmers Time Based Filter”: Set your dimmers Levels according to preselected period of time or Location Mode

With this smartApp “Dimmers Time Based Filter” you can set two different levels of brightness for your dimmers, based on two programmable periods of the day or the desired location mode.
Any turn on that you perform in the selected dimmers of your home, either manually, automation, scene or app, will be set to the selected brightness level for that period or current mode.

NOTE: As long as IDE works you can use this smartApp.


  • Select the dimmers you want to control from your home list.

  • Select the minimum Level for the required low level period (night?)

  • Select the maximum level for the required High level period (Day?)

  • Select the start and end time of the required low-level period. (The rest of the day will be considered a high level period)

  • If you want, you can not choose the time period and choose the location mode in which you want a low level (Night … other …). You can select both, but it can be confusing or everlap.

  • Enter a name for the smartApp. You can install the ones you want. if you need to make groups of lights with different periods and levels.

  • NOTE: don´t need select mode in the last field “Set for specific mode(s). it is default field”

  • Click Done.

  • If you want to temporarily disable the smartApp, turn off its toggle switch.

  • If you need more light level, press again the desired dimmer at the custom level and it will remain so until the next off and on event.

Steps for installation:

  • Copy the linked code
  • Open your IDE
  • click on “My smartAPPs”
  • Click in “+ New samartApp”
  • Click in “From Code”
  • Paste the code copied from the link
  • Save and publish the SmartApp
  • You already have it in your smartthings App, open and configure it.
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Do you have a plan to update this for post-Groovy IDE Smartthings yet?

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I was just about to say, might want to include a warning that this SmartApp might only work the next 6 months.


I have no idea what can be done after IDE.
I published it to give a solution to an good idea of @Alystrup.
In fact, I also offered him how to do it with automations, which have more future

There I warned that he could use this smartApp while IDE was running. Here I forgot, I will add it, that’s fine.

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No time to learn like the present: SmartThings Developers | Documentation (samsung.com)

Basically, you need to convert the smartapp into an Amazon Lambda app or a Web Service that can utilize webhooks. In short - you can run it pretty much anywhere you want and pretty much use any language you want - just not Groovy INSIDE the IDE after they retire it.

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It is a good saying!

IDE, Groovy is very friendly and very similar to what I had already used. I am a classic from Basic, C, Visual Basic … :rofl:

I panic! software programming is like a drug, when you start you never finish. There is always something to improve, something to add, when think you already have it, it becomes obsolete and you have to rebuild it in another language, etc … :man_facepalming:

I think I have seen almost everything on the developers page, custom capabilities, CLI, samsung automation studio … I think this is all too much for me. :woozy_face:

In Spain we have a saying: “Whoever sleeps, even the clock stops.” At my age, my goal is not stop my watch, but without giving up a nap.

Surely someone who knows can do it, if someone needs it, there are only 40 lines of code. I do not consider it as mine, it is made on the basis of open source from this fantastic community.

Anyway, when IDE closes and I get bored in winter … :thinking:


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