[OBSOLETE] FOSCAM Camera LED Controller

Toggle your FOSCAM night vision LEDs on/off in response to a specific light turning on/off.

I wrote this app to solve problems with my FOSCAMs not detecting when they should be using night vision correctly. When the camera was in LED Auto mode, my front door cam would always be in night vision mode even if the front porch light was on. This app now tells the camera when it should be in night mode because it knows when the light is on/off at night.

This app makes use of @RBoy’s FOSCAM device handler to control the camera LEDs. Make sure you install that first and have your camera setup in SmartThings.

Checkout the installation instructions or copy/paste the code directly.

How to Use

From the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. Select Marketplace from the bottom navigation
  2. Select the SmartApps tab
  3. Scoll down and select the My Apps category
  4. Select the Camera LED Controller SmartApp
  5. Configure your lights & cameras
  6. Tap Done to complete the setup

Let me know if you find this app useful and if you have any suggestions for new features or how I could have done something better. This is my first smart app so be gentle. :slight_smile:


I’ll give this a shot and see.

One of my cameras is set up in the living room and you can hear it switching the IR on/off through the day because the room is somewhat dark but gets some outside light through the blinds.

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