[OBSOLETE] Smart Alarm is here

I got this email from support this afternoon on this:

We have a ticket in with our developers for the errors being thrown by that SmartApp. I’m not sure what changed on our end in relation to the way we’re handling this SmartApp code, but I’ll push on it and see if we can get a quick resolution.

It seems @storageanarchy is correct. Minimal testing shows my SmartAlarm transitioning back to Home/Disarm as expected.

Note: this is just a possible workaroud until the backend problem is resolved, you will probably need to undo this later):

  • Go to https://graph.api.smartthings.com
  • Go to My SmartApps
  • Go to statusbits : Smart Alarm
  • Locate “private def zoneDisarm(n) {”
  • Under that find:
    • if (devices.motion) unsubscribe(devices.motion)
    • if (devices.contact) unsubscribe(devices.contact)
    • if (devices.water) unsubscribe(devices.water)
    • if (devices.smoke) unsubscribe(devices.smoke)
    • if (devices.camera) unsubscribe(devices.camera)
  • Replace with preceding //
    • // if (devices.motion) unsubscribe(devices.motion)
    • // if (devices.contact) unsubscribe(devices.contact)
    • // if (devices.water) unsubscribe(devices.water)
    • // if (devices.smoke) unsubscribe(devices.smoke)
    • // if (devices.camera) unsubscribe(devices.camera)
  • Save
  • Publish “For Me”

Now your transition from Away or Stay mode to Home will work.
I am not sure of any negative effects of doing this. If there are any, I am sure someone will chime in soon.

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I’m waiting to install this until all the “new upgrade” issues have been worked out, but had a question while I wait.

Will I be able to use the siren portion of my First Alert Smoke/CO detectors as the audible notification?

Will I be able to use my Hue lights in a strobe or red/blue flash pattern as the visual notification?

No to this one…

Smoke detector can not be used as a generic siren.

Will I be able to use my Hue lights in a strobe or red/blue flash pattern as the visual notification?

There’s no direct support for Hue in Smart Alarm. However Smart Alarm can trigger a Hello Home action. So if somebody figures how to flash lights from HH action, it may be possible, at least in theory.

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I have SmartAlarm configure so that when I return home it’s supposed to DISARM - it is not. Since the “Emergency Update” - whenever I cross the geofence, the garage door opens, the garage motion detects the door movement, sets off SmartAlarm - programmed lights turn on, siren in Garage attic blares, siren in Office does not. This worked flawlessly up until the “Emergency Update” on ST’s side.

I also have SmartAlarm configured to DISARM when things start happening in the morning - namely when Living Room Motion trips when exiting my bedroom. That also has not been occurring since the ST “Emergency Update”.

When I DISARM from the APP, auto arming doesn’t appear to work again. Having read many of the comments in this thread since the issue popped up, I am not certain I am hitting DONE after a DISARM. I might be backing out of the APP.

I’m going to give this a whirl.

For clarification, the lines in the code that need to be commented out with the “//” are lines 721 thru 725?

Yes, lines 721-725 in Version 1.2.1 of SmartAlarm.

Made those changes, then ran up to the store. I just got back - I can confirm that for the first time since ST did the “Emergency Update” that my SmartAlarm did automatically DISARM. The MyQ Garage Door opener activated, but did not trigger an ALARM!, so the SmartAlarm was not blaring as I got out of the car.

The activity list shows -
Change of mode from AWAY to HOME
MyQ Garage Door open command
SmartAlarm DISARMED - then nothing

The Schlage (on door between garage and house) did not unlock and thermostat temp changes that should be part of the mode change, don’t appear to have happened. There seems to be a lot of small things like this going on right now … me thinks there’s something askew with the “Emergency Update”.

Smart Alarm 2.0.0 is now available.

What’s New:

  • Simplified zone management. Each sensor is now treated as a separate zone. The number of zones (sensors) is unlimited.
  • New ‘Entrance’ zone type. Entry delay now only affects Entrance zones.
  • Exit delay is eliminated.
  • Removed buttons (Arm, Disarm, Panic) from the control panel pending UI button implementation on Android platform.
  • Refactored arming/disarming logic to work around event unsubscribtion errors that started after SmartThings backend upgrade.


When upgrading from version 1.x , it’s is strongly recommended to uninstall Smart Alarm before installing the new version. If you chose to upgrade without uninstalling, please make sure that you remove all sensors from the zones. Failure to unbind sensors from Smart Alarm will prevent you from removing them in the future until you uninstall Smart Alarm.



Thanks again for your great work on this.

I do have a question: I like to receive text alerts when my alarm changes status in addition to the push alerts. (I use tasker to watch for specific texts, then use the content of that text to setup a variable which is pushed to my Pebble Watch so on my ‘Glance’ watch face I get a one character “icon” that shows alarm status: D, S, or A.)

In the procedure “Panel Status” (starting at line 757), why is the procedure call for notify(msg) commented out? I see your note there to use the sendNotificationEvent(msg) procedure instead, but I’m wondering why? I did discover that if I try to use the notify(msg) in that instance that SmartAlarm won’t install on the mobile app, so I’m guessing this is why you’d done it that way, but do you know why it throws this error when using notify(msg) here?

As a work around I simply put in a line: sendSms(phone1, msg). This gets me my text messages so I’m happy, I just curious why it works (or rather, doesn’t work) this way when using notify(msg).

Side note: LOVE the redesign. Much easier setup in my opinion.

Excellent work I know this was a request I had and it is awesome to see it. Thank You!!!

Quick question does this mean for the entrance zone that you can’t arm the system and exit since the exit delay has been removed? Ultimately I think the exit delay is still needed. The ability to arm and then exit through the garage door(entrance zone). Then return to the house enter the garage and then disarm would be preferable. Thoughts?

Thanks. I will look into this.

It’s more of an implementation issue. Entry delay for select zones was fairly simple to implement, but exit delays would require more tweaking. I’ll give it some thought.

Where can I find the code for Smart Alarm 2.0.0? … I would love to see if this helps with some of the many issues I’m currently having.

The link is in the first post… but cause electrons are cheap, I’ll post it here too. :smile:

Sorry, didn’t even occur to me to look there. I was looking for a new thread in the SmartApps category called “Smart Alarm 2.0.0 is now available”.

Got it, installed it, set it up already.

I’ve got a 1:30 - 2:30 conference call, then I’m going to go drive out of the geofence to see if it triggers correctly both leaving and returning.

I love the Idea for the Smart Alarm. However, since I had a lot of falls alarms with the original app, I found that using the “Valuables” which is located in the “Alerts” does the trick for me. You can setup Alarm actions for Doors/Motion/Widows and have it trigger the Alarm Siren, etc., related to the Away or Stay Home modes.


I wasn’t even aware that area existed. I’m going to have to play with that a little bit and see if it’s just as good or better or whatever…

Off the top of my head I think setup of the SmartAlarm is probably a little easier, but it does mean having to setup the SmartApp manually (At least for right now).

A few other nice things with the SmartAlarm App:

  • Notifications when it’s armed or disarmed (though this could be pretty easily accomplished other ways)
  • Ability to trigger the siren for smoke/CO detection.
  • Ability to easily individually setup sensors for bypass or always alert, and then change later if you need too.

But I’ll definitely have to explore further. Thanks for sharing.

You’re right, for the most part Smart Alarm is similar to “Damage & Danger” built-in apps. There’re few differences though:

  1. You’d have to install and configure a “Damage & Danger” app for each zone (sensor). E.g. set the mode when the zone is armed and the telephone number for SMS notifications. If you need to configure 30 zones, that’s a lot of tapping and typing. And if you ever want to change the number, you’ll have to do it in 30 different places.
  2. There’s no concept of Away and Stay arming modes. You can limit alerts to a certain ‘mode’, but what if you want to be notified when the door is open in Away and Night modes, but not the Home mode?
  3. Smart Alarm can be armed/disarmed using remote control and/or REST endpoints.