[OBSOLETE] Simple Event Logger

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thank you and sorry for the delay. Yes, jlv’s reply help me.

EDIT 02/01/2022 For all (in MS Excel or similar)
From Java Time to Excel Time

  1. Divide number / 1000 to obtain seconds => 1640878657000 / 1000 = 1640878657
  2. Divide number / 86400 to obtain days => 1640878657 / 86400 = 18991,65112
  3. Sum number and 01/01/1970 00:00 => 18991,65112 + 25569,00 = 44560,65112
  4. Format data dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm => 30/12/2021 15:37

Happy new year :slight_smile:

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Quick question, is there a way to limit the number of events? The temp sensors I am pulling data from are coming less than every minute. I only need them once a day. Thanks so much! This SmartApp is wonderful!

Unless you need the device to report that often you should check the device’s settings to see if it has threshold or interval settings that can be adjusted because that’s most likely hurting the battery life.

That being said, I think the other settings section of the app has a setting for the number of events so it could be set to 1, but that’s a global setting so doing that would impact all devices being logged.

We are really grateful for monitoring various indoor environments and using them for the district.
Particulate matter data(dust, fine dust, …) cannot be collected, how can I fix this part?
I am sorry that I know very little about coding
I’m sorry
Thank you.

My Simple Event Logger (and Google Sheets Logger) has been working great until yesterday 11 Jan 2023.
Can anyone advise if this due to platform changes or has something gone wrong at my end. ?

Groovy SmartApps were just shut off.

So sad and reeaalllly frustrating. Is there hope of a similar app on the new platform ? :sob: :sob: :sob:

Here’s one alternative; I don’t recall seeing anyone working on a new logger for Sheets though.

I missed this one - it might be a hassle if you don’t already have something set up that can host the smart app.

@TAustin has something but for the life of me i cannot find the post… its somewhere on the board

Found it

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