[OBSOLETE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands (see post 177 for 2021 app version)

Good afternoon and sorry for my English. I am new to this great forum and it will be very helpful to get started. I wanted to ask if there is any smartapp so that the different modes of smarthings home monitor can be activated and deactivated with this command, which by pressing a button can connect the alarm and disconnect it. thank you

You can definitely do it with webCore. You might be able to do it without too. The new automation creator lets you do a bunch of things that used to be more difficult.

However, for me, it’s not obvious how to select a specific button in the new automation creator. The IF side definitely knows about button pushes, and the THEN side definitely knows about changing location/security mode, so it’s almost there.

Good morning and thank you for your answer. Webcore? Forgive my ignorance … how is it accessed?

No problem. WebCore (short for Web Community’s Own Rules Engine) is a smartapp you will need to install. It’s super-powerful. Instructions on how to set up can be found at https://wiki.webcore.co/webCoRE

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See the community FAQ. (The topic titled as a clickable link)

Good afternoon and thanks for your answers. I have managed to install the app but it does not let me pass the first screens. I attach photos to see if you can advise me. Greetings

Webcore has its own forum, so it’s best to ask webcore questions there. Plus it would be off-topic for this particular thread, which is about a specific device.

The webcore wiki might also help:


Eric I first want to thank you for the work you have done on the remotec ZRC for such a long period. I am a new to the smarthings “thing” and have added a few device included the ZRC. I followed your instructions and with the help of some of the other posters was able to add your Device handler and Smart app.

However I am running into the problem that everything is installed but I don’t seem to be able to get the ZRC to initiate any actions. I was wondering if you can tell me what I am missing.

  • The device shows up
  • when I press a programmed button it lights up so there is a signal
  • I programmed the buttons

    However there is no action. I can use switch on and off the light direct in the app on the smartplug dimmer but not from the ZRC.

I would really appreciate if you could guide me in the right direction.

Hmmm, it might have to do with the Smart App. I don’t really support that any more. There are several that should work with button devices such as SmartThings “Smart Lighting”.

got it fixed. I used your code for the Device Handler and ABC - Advanced Button Controller for the smart app. now it works fine. What I have to figure out is how to use double click function. Thx for the device handler.



Hi Eric,

Since SmartThings removed the classic app functionality I haven’t been able to update one of the two scene masters I have working. One is working fine while the other is not working at all and I’ve been trying to wipe it and start over.

Any suggestions on what process to follow with only the new Smartthings app available for use?

Sorry, I don’t have the device anymore. Maybe someone else can help out.

Here is an almost-working patch for a device handler which enables the first six buttons in the new app:

Note that this has “pushed”, “held”, “double” and “down_hold” actions, so there’s no need for virtual buttons 9-16; we would just need a vid which supports configuring 8 buttons in the app.

The above code, if you change it to 8 buttons in getProdNumberOfButtons, should work well for the classic app.

Unfortunately, even with 6 buttons, which display well in the new app, attempts to set actions for the buttons fail with a generic “server/network” error (for me, at least).


To be clear: the above device handler code is likely correct (although the correct number of buttons would be 8, if the app worked better). It prints debug messages in the console indicating it is correctly processing all types of events on all buttons.

However, the new app is very buggy with it’s implementation of 6 and 8 button devices (and even worse with 8 than with 6).

Based on a post started by @sporadic_kit I attempted to update this device handler to work in the new app. As mentioned above by @luyer , the new app does not work well with multi button devices. I’ve updated several other multi button device handlers and have run into limitations where the new app really only shows a single button per device, yet this Remotec has 8 buttons. Workarounds with multi button devices in the new app include using the new “supportedbuttonvalues” (up_2x, pushed, double, etc) which are now a JSON object, or creating child devices. It appears only 6 child devices/buttons work, and there are not enough supported button values to separately list the 24 actions that can be created by this device, so these strategies do not fully work with this device.

As a workaround, this update I’m publishing relies on using the smartlighting app or webcore to capture all 24 button actions (8 buttons x the 3 actions of pushed, held, and double).

Note - the future of webcore, smartlighting, and any Groovy smartapp is up in the air right now with the plans to phaseout Groovy and the IDE. It is unknown how long this solution will keep working after this post.

Some screenshots and notes are below:
1- The code was rewritten with just 8 buttons, and “double” was added as an action to the 8 buttons. Double is no longer buttons “9-16”, but is just a “double” action on the 1-8 buttons
2- Webcore has “pushed” and “held” as defaults, but “double” is not in the drop down. To capture double press in webcore, you need to do an expression and type in “double” in quotes, like below screenshot

3- Where available, smartlighting will allow selection of buttons 1-8 now and the 3 different button actions. This will be the easiest if you have the smartlighting app

I don’t have this device, but have a similar one that I tested it on and it worked. However, I may have missed something, so let me know if there are any bugs. Code available from mwav3 smartthingscode master or from link below:

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See this post if you need the smartlighting app to use the new code

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Tim - I’ve got one of these. I’ll get batteries in it and check out the new code and see what I can see. Probably can’t do it until Saturday though.


Awesome, thanks @nathancu


HI there. I just recently purchased this remote as well, i’m waiting for it to be delivered so i’m try to find a working device handler also… I also just purchased the Go Control wa00z-1 2 button and I am trying to use your code to get double tap to work…i also opened an issue any help or guidance where to go would be greatly appreciated!

On the go control, I responded on github and also posted on the go control thread [RELEASE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch WA00Z-1 (see post #79 for Nov 2020 version)

Let me know how the remotec works out.

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