[OBSOLETE] Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

i see check-ins every hour… but the humidity information isnt updated…
how have the engineers designed it… i would think when it checks in it should also report the current information.

From what I have read, the sensor is programmed to report changes of +/- .5° C and +/- 5% humidity; however there are two models (the round one and the square Aqara model) and they the minimum change required for reporting may be different.

I have also read that sometimes the sensor may wait for the regular 50-60 minute check-in to report a change.

The best way to test if it’s working properly is to breath on the sensor, as the warmth and high humidity will result in a short burst of reports. This is what I’ve observed from my sensors (I use 4 of each model). If it’s not responding that way, it’s entirely possible you have received a faulty unit.

i have the round one and I tried the breath test and it seems to work… the temperature and humidity went up instantly … but it take some time for humidity to come down…
i have history from the device and as you would notice it was checking in every hour but there was no change recorded in temperature or humidity for 4 days. and my humidifier was running all the time because i have it to switch on when humidity is above 60

16 hours ago there was a temp change but no change in humidity for 4 days… which is very unlikely

temperature reading

checkin reading

humidity reading

Does any one know if there is a DH for this cube

I understand it can’t be done at the moment because the SmartThings Hub is filtering out the neccessary information. It seems to be on their radar though, this is the answer I got when I DM’ed @jody.albritton

Yes we have plans to accommodate devices that have multiple endpoints with the same capability. This is being introduced with our new capbilities model. I can add you to the beta list if you like

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Yeah, I’d have to agree. Still possible it’s just a faulty sensor.

Well, that would be some good news.

That’s fantastic, I have 5 of them and waiting to be commissioned.

So it does unscrew as the slot for the coin seems to indicate. That’s helpful, no to hack it as you did. The other one is still a mystery to me but it also refuses to pair so doesn’t really matter if the battery dies :slight_smile:

Uh, how do I use this device handler? I got my aqara temp/humid sensor to link but the tile is ugly and I need a way to enter an offset because the temp (and humidity) are way off.

Not sure how to help here. Please explain “ugly”.

To access the settings for your sensor, click on the gear icon while viewing it in your SmartThings mobile app, here:


Then you can change the offset for temperature and/or humidity for that device.

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Thank you for the quick reply. By “ugly” I mean not the same as the screenshots I see here that include temp, humidity, and battery life. Here is what I see:

Clicking on the gear icon gives me no way to edit anything:

(edit: won’t let me attach more than one image, so please see here):

Again, I have not installed any device handler / custom anything. I managed to get the samsung ST app to recognize one of my two temp/humidity sensors, but if I understand correctly, there is a way to create a custom device handler.

So that’s my question – how to install this downloadable custom device handler (and/or should I)? I did so for my Dome water sensors and water shutoff valve, but I followed some specific instructions to do so that I can’t find again or convert to work for these temp/humidity sensors because I am dumb.

Also, I have two of these “new” square aqara temp/humidity sensors and I have no idea how I managed to get one to link but the other won’t. I got the triple LED flash initially, and the double flash happens every time I press the button on the device (as described in the guide), but it just shows up as “tile missing” or not at all. I’ve added and deleted the 2nd device repeatedly, but no luck in getting it to actually sense/report anything.

Also, the first sensor, which seems to be paired OK, updates quite irregularly. It was updating every 10 minutes or so until about 6am today (~15 hours ago) and hasn’t updated since:

My final question, for anyone: is there a temp and humidity sensor that “just works” with ST hub v2? Regardless of cost. I’m sick of the hoop-jumping required to get these things to work (also they are woefully inaccurate.)

Thanks for any help.

Hi vwwxwwoh.

Did this work for you?
I’ve placed a humidity offset but it doesn’t work… placing 10, -10, 20 or anything else is just the same…

Best Regards

Without installing a custom device handler (also known as “DTH” or “DH”), messages from Xiaomi devices may or may not be interpreted correctly, which means you’re missing out on either partial or complete functionality, and correct display for the device in the SmartThings Classic mobile app.

There’s a very thorough FAQ on installing custom Device Handler or Smart App code here:

In a nutshell, you need to

  1. copy the text of the code for the Aqara Temp/Humidity Sensor DTH from here
  2. Create a new Device Handler in the IDE for your ST hub and choose the “From code” option
  3. Paste in that code you copied in step 1
  4. Click Create, and then Publish

After that, when pairing your sensor, your SmartThings hub will use “fingerprint” information contained in the DTH to match up and assign the custom DTH to your Aqara Temp/Humidity sensor. If for some reason that doesn’t happen, the custom DTH can also be manually assigned (discussed repeatedly in this forum thread.)

This is completely normal behavior for the Xiaomi sensors. To conserve battery, they only report temperature / humidity when either has changed beyond a minimum threshold, rather than reporting every X minutes.

There are loads of great smart devices which require the “hoop-jumping” of installing custom DTHs or Smart Apps to work properly or work well with SmartThings, so it’s a shame to miss out on all of that. But I can understand wanting the achieve the promise of simplicity that Samsung’s and other device manufacturer’s marketing portrays.

I’d suggest a search of the forums here for an “accurate” temperature / humidity sensor. Or start a new thread asking about it. In a quick search I only found this:

…and unfortunately the Fibaro FGK-101 “Door/Window & Temperature Sensor” w/ optional DS18B20 that the last poster recommends does require a custom DTH…

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There was an error in the DTH code, which I’ve just fixed, thanks to a user issue report on GitHub.

Both the Aqara and “original” Xiaomi Temperature / Humidity Sensor DTHs have been updated to v1.2 with the correctly working humidity offset.

So you’ll need to update your copy of the DTH code in your IDE for it to work.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi veeceeoh.

Thanks a lot for the extra fast feedback.
I downloaded and updated the DHL now and on the next readout I should already have some data :slight_smile: thanks a lot.

By the way, if you’re using ºC instead of F does the collours have the expected behaviour?
I’m using ºC and if the temperature is for example at 23ºC then the icon is fully red… strange…

Btw I was just looking for the code:

map.value = humidOffset ? (int) map.value + (int) humidOffset : (int) map.value

I don’t quit understand this…
what does the ? stands for?

I was trying to understand in order to also help developing the DHL :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance
Best Regards

I have only 10 devices, so it should not be a device limit issue. I was also using the buttons without issue for a few months before it crapped out, so I’m doubtful it’s a weak connection issue, but I am open to trying the channels for in case of interference.

Other than these, however, is there anything else I can do? Am I missing something? The fact that both my buttons crapped out a few months after using it is really weird to me.


Do you have any zigbee routers in your home? I have some Osram Lightify LED strips that serve as Zigbee routers, and I had to unplug them to get my Xiaomi Aqara motion sensors to pair directly with the hub and stay paired for more than a few hours.

Hello all.

I’ve just bought two aqara window door sensor, but when I try to pair them with ST they appear as “Thing”…
Anyone had the same issue?

Thanks in advance
Best Regards

Hello all.

Just for the recording they are already working…
If anyone runs into the same problema follow this instruction:

  1. Place the correct device handler,
  2. Pair them (they will appear as thing);
  3. Go the “My Devices” under the webpage from your ST account;
  4. Select the thing you wanna change;
  5. Go to “Edit” button;
  6. Under type choose the correct device handler;

Hope it helps :slight_smile:
Best Regards

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my xiaomi motion sensors were stable for about two months now two of them are offline. I can’t even reconnect from scratch!

very frustrating.