[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

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  1. That indicates that your timers are dying. You would need to see if they
    are firing on time or if the app is timing out while executing. They way to
    do this is to open the IDE Live Logging and look for the BLUE INFO message
    within 5 minutes of expiration time. It’s also possible that you lock may
    not be responding. The logs will show you what’s going on. You should
    ideally see a debug message requesting the lock to delete the code and then
    a Blue Info response from the lock acknowledging the same. If you don’t see
    the latter then the lock communication is the issue. Try rebooting your hub
    that helps sometimes.

  2. ST has not provided any controls to enter dates yet.

Here is the complete log, this was after rebooting the hub (batteries out):

The generic ST DH drives the lock fine, the enhanced DH only reports the battery and lock status. This is my first try at installing apps and device handler so it is probably a user error.


Looking at this and the installed DH I came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the DH. I removed the DH and re-copied, published and installed it, everything started working and I was able to configure the app. I have no idea what DH I had installed to begin with other than it had a longer name and it was not listing much info about it.
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I find the latest Universal Z-wave Lock … device handler on your site seems to be 3.01.02 but previous post 924 speaks of 3.1.1. Assuming it is the latest, where can I download that version?

3.1.2 is the latest (03.01.02). That’s the DH version, make sure you’re on
the latest SmartApp also (which is more important than the DH since the
newer version of the DH typically tends to only add new features, this is
the SmartApp we’re referring to in this thread that provides the user
management features).

I did not read through this whole thread and it looks interesting. I went to RBOYAPPS . com to see if this supports ZigBee and all I see is Z-Wave devices. Do any of you apps support ZigBee?

This app with work with the ZigBee device handler here:


Hi @RBoy-

Is there a way to comment out a piece of the code so that I don’t get the push message that say “So and So unlocked the Front Door Deadbolt, Turning on XXX light and XXX Light, etc, etc.” I would prefer just the simple notifications of “So and So unlocked the Front Door Deadbolt.”


No, it’s built deep into the code, you can comment out the code but it’ll
be about 8-10 individual lines. The messages are built up cumulative for
each event / action you’ve configured for each unlock action. Look through
the function lockHandler() if you want to comment out any specific actions

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So I love this app, but not necessarily happy with how ‘chatty’ it is in the SmartThings logs. Is there a way to disable that?

Also, I swear my battery life has gone waay down since deploying this on my 4 locks. Is there a setting I can change?

Battery life doesnt’ depend on SmartApps but depends upon usage and how often you reprogram the locks and if you’re using schedules, since schedules/expirations program/delete codes. We have locks in our labs here which have been working for almost a year now on the same set of batteries but aren’t reprogramed more than once every few months but used maybe once a day. It depends on your DH also, for e.g. if you’re using the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave DH then there’s a setting to save battery life which reduces the polling and other unnecessary communication with the lock.

I haven’t reprogrammed anything since initial setup. I am using Kwikset 916 locks. As far as usage goes they get locked automatically every night at 10PM, and when I tell the house goodnight there as well if they aren’t already locked. That should be it. I am using the default device handler, I haven’t configured your custom one yet. It’s possible using your device handler will improve the battery life?

Yes it should make sure you configure the options to save battery life. Also try to clear all the codes (from the smartapp) and then program the codes afresh, something the lock may be stuck and clearing helps.

I recently set this up with my monoprice deadbolt using your custom device handler as well. I have user 3 set to notify on unlock, but I am getting no notifications when I use user 3’s code.

I’m pretty sure this has been covered, but I wanted confirmation that you can have sonos play a custom message when a user code is used to unlock. Ex user Justin used code to unlock door, all Sonos’ play “Welcome back Justin” and then resumes music previously playing

Any way to add the option to have it change the mode or run a routine only if in a certain mode?


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These features will be introduced in the next release.

So I’ve made sure everything is up to date and I’m using the right dth. It accepts the codes no problem and that part works great. but I have it set to run a routine and turn a few lights on and for the life of me I can’t get that to work for me. Any help would be appreciated.

It’s possible the ST platform is just running slow and timing out. Try to turn off the options one at a time to see what’s mah be timing out. Sometimes if a routine is too heavy it times out which breaks the rest of the workflow.

@RBoy Got a “unique” situation that I was hoping you could help with. I installed a steel security door recently that protects the typical wooden front door. I moved my Schlage BE469 on to the steel security door from the wood door. It works well that when I enter in a valid code it unlocks the door as well as disarms the SHM security. The downside is I still need to use a key to unlock the wooden door.

Therefore I am now adding a second Schlage BE469 on the wooden front door. My desire is that anytime a valid code is entered on the exterior steel door BE469 that I can also unlock the BE469 on the wooden door so that I don’t have to enter my code a second time. Basically if Steel Door is locked then Wooden Door is locked. If Steel Door is unlocked then Wooden Door is unlocked. Is it possible to do that in your smartapp that I could unlock basically both doors at once from the Steel Door keypad? Or is there a smartapp out there that can do this? (CoRE could but it seems like total overkill)

UPDATE: I think I see a way to make this work using my existing RBoy smartapp…
The “I’m Back” routine is triggered anytime a valid code is entered at the Steel Door BE469. In the “I’m Back” routine I could configure in “Unlock these doors” the wooden front door BE469?

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