[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Bug: If you schedule far in advance and cross “daily savings time”, the time you set is with the current clock, but the “expiration time” will factor in daylight savings.

Example: I’m setting codes for 2017-01-06, I register them at 11:30am, but they save as “10:30am”.

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Good point but I wouldn’t worry about it, the way it works is 11:30 is saved but while “printing” it takes the timezone from the your hub which is the current DST, so when calculate into the future it “appears” as 10:30. However when you actually cross the DST and your hub changes it’ll come back to 11:30 as it will recalculate based on your hub timezone (which now crossed DST). So it won’t affect your operation, just appears to be an hour early/late when looking into the future today. Not sure if that made complete sense, but I wouldn’t worry about it, it’ll work as expected when the time comes :slight_smile:

PS - I can already see that the new UI layout is useful and grabs your attention, no one caught that issue earlier because of the way it was laid out. Nice work!

Disregard. I figured it out. Had to change the device handler on the ide page to your device handler, and found the setting to set routine by pushing Schlage button.

It does still state under messages that the codes are continously deleted and reinstalled. Is this normal?

Sorry RBoy. I’m fairly new to this community and ST. I installed your smartapp and device handler. My question is, why under the Notifications/Messages part of ST does it keep saying the codes have been added, then it says they are all deleted? I’m not home, and am doing all this from the hotel room. My wife tried the codes, and they are set and do work. I’m just confused about the deletion message every minute or so.

Also, you app says something about downloading the Enhanced Lock Device Handler, but I’m unable to find this, or install. I would like to be able to have the SHM rearm after our dog sitter/baby sitter relocks the front door after she leaves.

Thanks for all the hard work and great app. Does exactly what we were looking for.

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I just started having an issue with the app. I can no longer click on the “Click here to define actions when the user locks/unlocks the door successfully”. the little thinking wheel comes up, then nothing. I tried rebooting the hub, a zwave repair. I am on the latest version of the device handler and smartapp. I don’t know if this is recent or if its been going on for a while because I never go into that section anymore. I just tried to go in because I am not getting door lock notifications anymore for some reason. I did just move to iOS 10 and an iPhone 7. Any idea why or things to try to troubleshoot?


Make sure you’re on the latest version of the SmartApp, after the recent updates from ST it broke the older versions which were patch up in the new version. Also make sure your routines are “good”. Some folks have been noticing “ghost” or “blank” routines in which is also a reason why apps using routines break.

My options issues seems to have resolved itself overnight, however, I don’t get any push notifications anymore. I get them from other smartapps, so I know they still work. Any known issues from recent updates or with new versions of iOS?


From a few posts up, did you configure it after the ST contact book update?

I did see that and I believe this is the correct section to do that. These have been checked. Is this correct or am I in the wrong place?

That’s correct, this is it. If that isn’t working please contact ST support. They have told me in the past there are some bugs with their implementation so hopefully they can resolve it for you.

EDIT: One bug I think @SBDOBRESCU had noted was that you need to have the primary eMails for each user added to your contact address book (the one they use to login to their ST phone apps) otherwise you don’t get text or push notifications. I would start with that.

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I’m actually with an girl named Annie from ST support and she is insisting your app is not setup to work with contact book. She said she can see the messages being generated in the logs but are not being sent anywhere. I have made sure that I have the emails all set up and matching the login, etc. I have no idea how to check to see if what she saying is right or wrong, be her exact quote was:

“Annie: What I do know is that contact book uses a different protocol to send push notifications
So if the smartapp is not using those commands it will not send the push notifications. From what I can see that app is not set up to send any notifications.”

Is there a way for me to check because i seem to be getting notifications from other smartapps still.

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Well it’s working for others here so yeah I’d say it’s coded and working fine. I would share that with her. Did you try adding the emails to your contact address book

I tried telling her that and said that I truely doubted you would be unsure or not know that your code wasn’t doing something. She didn’t seem to want to do anything to troubleshoot it. She just offered to open a ticket to have my account reverted back to the old way without contact book.

Would the live log tell me anything or verify what she said about the push notification being generated but not being sent somewhere? I’d really like to keep the feature but it doesn’t do me much good to break out notifications if no one is getting them.


That’s the same response I got from ST support when I reported some bugs I found in the contact address book, revert back to the old format because contact address book has known issues and they won’t support it. @slagle any suggestions.

I’m having an issue with the notifications.

I recently had a Kwikset 912 lock that stopped working. I replaced the lock and used the “upgrade” feature in the ST app to replace it (rather than delete the old lock and re-add it).

When I did this the code programming worked correctly and it re-programmed all my user codes, however the notifications stopped working. I don’t receive the app notification when a code is used…additionally when I go to the “recently” tab on the lock, nothing displays. Is this an issue with my lock, hub, or something in the app?

So I’m going to state the obvious, are you sure you’ve enabled notification in the app? Each user has their own notification option AND each user has their own notification modes. Make sure all those settings are correct. I just tested it again to make sure nothing was broken and it’s working. So either some configuration in your app has changed of there is an issue with your ST account. If all the settings are correct I would recommend to have ST look into it. If they are unwilling likely because contact address book is not yet officially released by ST ask them to revert your account back to the non address book standard notifications account.

I have no idea how or why, but all of a sudden this evening the lock notifications started working again. I didn’t do anything or change anything, i just locked the basement door and my phone vibrated and there was the notification. i checked a few other things and another door and all seem to be working now.

Im going to give it a few days and see if i keep getting all my notifications. Thanks for trying to help me regardless. its much appreciated and people don’t say it enough. You actually provide pretty great customer service in a world where that seems to be taking a (far) back seat to profits and sales. Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.


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@RBoy it appears that if a user has specific actions turned on then any door-specific actions won’t run if that user unlocks the door. So I can’t have door specific actions that apply to all users, and user specific actions at the same time, is that correct?

That’s correct user specific options override general door actions. Door actions are like the default global actions. But with user specific options it overrides them allowing for a great degree of customization. Again this is ONLY when you have enabled the override option for the user (for that specific user only)

I’m trying to setup the specific user settings for my sitter and mother to arm the alarm when they press my schlage button (I have a routine setup to allow this). I am unable to set it up for those 2 only. It seems this function is for all or none. Is this correct?

If your lock supports per user code lock and you’ve configured it to enable that feature (enter your user code before pressing the lock button) and you have the enhanced device handler yes it’ll work.