[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Yes see this:

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Sorry @beckwith, @RBoy. needs of the family come first.

How do I turn on notifications from ST? Thought I had them before and now they don’t happen.

Do you get any notifications from ST app? If not, please enter a ticket with ST support.

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I do. I just remember get double from blink app and st about blink. Now I get nothing from blink in ST. or maybe I’m only getting alerts that go to all users.

It’s an issue with your ST account, if you’re using Contact Address book, I would suggest as ST to disable it. See this:


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No!!! I want the address book. My wife hates getting all the alerts I want.

Send a note to ST support and ask them to fix the contact address book issues :slight_smile:

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Thanks @beckwith. I will only have one location.

Thanks @rboy. It couldn’t be any easier! Now I just need Blink to release an outdoor version.

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When I click on the image on the main page of the camera on iPhone it opens up an nice gallery view with the recent pictures. If I do the same on an Android phone, it just saves the picture. I know I can find the pictures in the recently tab, but the gallery on iPhone is nicer. Is this a limitation of the android app?

Correct, ST’s implementation is different for the two phones

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Hmmm, @RBoy, seems like they need to hire them a consultant?..Someone who knows ST and can write DT and Apps?..Hmmm, I wonder who could fill this gap for Blink?

Just got me a 5 pack so guess I’ll be heading over to your site for a sub!

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Confused about one thing. I understand that I can use each camera’s motion detection (md) but does that mean it records video as well?

I would like to use the md, without video, to turn on/off things. Then when in SHM Away mode, switch them to their intended purpose.

Pretty sure this is a CoRE thing but befor I chased the rabbit, wanted to know if it was possible.

Also, how much will this drain the battery if one had a busy house?

Oh, also, I have 3 Boxer Dogs that are complete busy bodies. Don’t want them tripping the md constantly outside of the one by the garbage can!

Live Feed no longer works for any of my cameras. Is this a ST issue?

Probably, it’s working fine here. Also make sure the signal strength to the camera (sync and wifi both) is “strong” otherwise it won’t work.

Just tested the live view on my crappy office wifi and it works great.

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Only one out of five cameras has a week wifi signal but the rest are at full bars.

Took my phone off of Wifi and now it is working now. Hmmm…wonder if my Wifi network has finally bottlenecked. Only have 34 devices connected!..

Does the Wifi 2.4Ghz signal have anything to do with Z-Wave Plus? I ask because all of my Z-Wave devices work but I just purchased a Zooz PowerStrip and the thing has some serious connections problems…

This might be related.

Hi @RBoy, can you explain the difference between the two? What’s more important - module or wifi signal?

When I move the Sync Module around to try and find the best place, I’m either sacrificing sync module or wifi signal strength. It seems like when I have good wifi signals my video live feed always works, and it doesn’t seem to matter what I have for the sync module.

I know I’ll need another sync module soon because I know I’m reaching certain distances and number of cameras, but I’m still curious on what the two signals really do or how they work together.

Updated the firmware on my router, Asus RT-N66R and reset the Blink sync module along with turning off and on the ST Hub.

I can not connect to the cameras in ST when I am connected to my iPhone 6 Plus is connected to my home 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz network. I get a failed to connect or camera is not connected or some other error that I can not remember. Check my traffic on my router but I really don’t know what I am looking at.

ST has no issues taking Pics with the cameras.

The Blink App has no connection issues.


It’s likely your phone, it may not have the codecs needs by Blink, the only other explanation I can think of. Try using an iPhone with iOS 9 or 10. The Blink native app is more resilient and has it’s down codecs AFAIK so it behaves differently from the ST native app