[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Is there an easy to get updated for when you make changes to the app and devices? I periodically check the forum and do know that the version is published in the top section of your code. Just curious if you have considered adding version info to the device and app handlers titles so we can see which version we have from the ide page or send a email out to current customers on the site.

The SmartApp automatically checks for critical updates about once a week and then notifies the user if any updates are available for the SmartApp and device handlers (if you’re using the enhanced device handler) (unless the user has disabled the check for updates option in the SmartApp).

For minor updates you can subscribe to our Facebook page and get notified of updates. In the next upgrade to our website we will include an option to subscribe to email notifications as well.

How do I update the application. Do I need to copy and paste the complete code?

You can find detailed step by step instructions on our website, scroll to the bottom to the update section.

Hi, I have installed this smartapp yesterday for my “Yale Keyfree Multipoint Lock” and it works very well except few minor issues.

  1. On the lock screen the “Audio” tab message is working wrong way around. when it says “Audio OFF” the audio is on and when it says “Audio ON” infact the audio is not coming.

  2. the “Code Entry On/Off” Button doesn’t do anything.which should block code entry if its OFF but it doesn’t.

Assuming you’re using this device handler.

Please update to the latest version, the audio reversal was fixed a while ago.

It had been a while since I actually modified anything in this app. Went into it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the new UI. Good job @RBoy!

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Yes, I am using your zwave handler

I just picked up the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen BE469 CAM 605 and purchased lifetime access to RBoy’s Smart Apps & Device Handlers.

A lot of this is over my head but did manage to install RBoy’s Smart app & Device Handler… was told to post in this thread

I installed his App:

  1. Door Lock Code User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock
    This premium app allows you to manage all the users and actions for your doors and locks.

I installed his Device Handler:

  1. Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock with Alarm, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and Advanced Features

I want to schedule the lock to lock every night at 10:00 PM and unlock at 8:00 AM the next morning but can’t figure out how to schedule these within the app? Sure would appreciate some help. Thanks!

Try doing it with a routine. You can lock and unlock doors with the routine and it would work with specific time of day entries, like you are wanting to do.

Yeah thanks that’s what RBoy said to do too. It was pretty easy setting up a routine (first time for me) but it hasn’t consistently locked & unlocked over the last two days. I checked the events lists and I think it’s showing the routine is running each day but SmartThings is still new to me so not sure.

This morning I played around setting up routines to lock & unlock and it seemed to work fine. I deleted my original routines for locking at 10:00 PM and unlocking at 8:00 AM and redid them so I’ll see how it goes tonight.

Hi @RBoy,

Now that I’ve finally implemented this SmartApp (only 12 months behind schedule… doh!), I’ve noticed something interesting about how codes are registered.

Although this SmartApp solicits a friendly name for each User Management Slot (e.g. “John Doe”), the actual description used when registering a Code is a much more generic “Code 1”, “Code 2”, etc.

Here is an example:

7:53:18 PM: trace Code report codeChanged returned Name:John Doe, User:1, Code:null, Desc:Updated “Code 1”, Value: 1 changed

Where this becomes a problem is when it is used in conjunction with Samsung’s new’ish “Smart Locks” app. IMO, that App’s best feature is it’s centralized “History” tab, where you can see which user did what and when. It’s terrific for auditing. I could work around this problem by manually renaming each code in “Smart Locks” to each user’s friendly name, but the problem is that any time I make any change in your SmartApp, it resets all the friendly names that I previously manually overrode in the Smart Locks SmartApp.

So the ask is: would it be possible for your SmartApp to reuse the friendly names it already contains when registering codes with SmartThings?


I had to delete my hub from ST and reinstall. I performed a general device exclusion, then re adopted my Schlage lock. I re installed the rboy DH. Now I need to do the same with the Smartapp. Is there a was I can do this without losing all 18 of my user codes?

@RBoy I just bought and installed this smart app and everything’s working well. Only thing…I was hoping to get the name included in the alert when someone enters a code to locking the door when leaving the house. Right now when someone unlocks the door I get “Front door was unlocked by John”, but when they leave and lock the door, I get “Front door was locked electronically”. I was hoping to get “Front door was locked by John”.

Is this possible?

Yes it’s supported but that depends on your lock and device handler:

  1. Your lock should support code based locking (e.g Schlage or Yale) and that feature should be enabled (e.g. Schalge disable lock n leave)
  2. You’re using a device handler (the Universal Z-Wave Lock Device Handler or the new SmartThings Lock Device Handler) that reports that information

then the SmartApp will include that in the notifications otherwise it has no idea “who” locked the lock.

I have the “Schlage BE369NX CAM Home Keypad Deadbolt with Nexia Home Intelligence - CAMELOT” which supports code-based locking. I’ve installed the rboy Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms device handler in addition to the Door lock code user management with notifications and automatic relock smart app.

I’m actually no longer receiving any notifications on keypad lock even though I have “Notify on keypad lock” toggled on. Any ideas?

Some people have been facing issues with the SmartApps and Device after the recent ST platform outage. One solution is to wait until the platform restores itself. Other is to uninstall the devices and apps and reinstall them. As for your lock n leave I don’t believe that the BE369 reports the user lock details. If you want you can send an email to our support team and they can help you figure out how to check if your lock is sending that information.

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Whats the procedure for setting up the August Pro locks? Is it different than the other locks? I’m trying to figure out if I need to un-pair it from the hub and re-pair it. I tried setting codes but it acts like what’s described on your site about being stuck in a loop, but it doesn’t mention August locks.

I’ve recently started having issues with my lock, and I’m not sure if this is the right place where I might get help, but here’s the situation:

  1. I only have the rboy apps and devices installed in my app (the door lock code management one, and the device handler for the schlauge lock).
  2. The lock keeps opening and closing (this was reported to me by a user, I don’t live near the unit), seemingly at random.

I’m not sure how to repair this… or what could be causing it. Any help would be appreciated. I’m assuming something is forcing it to think it needs to open or close to meet a condition, but I don’t have any custom routines.