[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

@rboy does not have a ZigBee DTH for locks on his website but you can use mine below. It does all the features of the Z-Wave DTH for Yale locks and works with @rboy’s lock manager SmartApp.


I didn’t even consider the thought that I may need to buy another zwave device just for the sake of repeating the signal…all I was planning on having was the hub and either a zigbee Yale yrd220 or a zwave schlage connect about 20 feet apart.

What is the cheapest zwave or zigbee device I could install that would serve that repeating purpose?

NEW ST user here. I have question concerning my zwave kwikset lock. im using the universal enhanced zwave handler and the lock programed successfully with no issues for most will touch on that later if need be. the problem im getting is the lock will go unavailable and then come back online randomly. not sure what could cause this. batteries at last registrer were 90%. when its online it works flawlessly. though the reason for it going offline is unknown. it seems to happen or i notice it happen when my other types of automations kick in IE alarm blink camera, etc… any ideas would be great.

I’d recommend an Iris plug (linked below). These devices are both ZigBee and Z-Wave Plus repeaters. The outlet itself runs on ZigBee commands, the Z-Wave repeater does nothing but repeat signal.


You can find more information and a DTH for the Z-Wave repeater below. Plug in the module to pair with ZigBee first. Then hit the button 7 times fast to pair the Z-Wave repeater. To reset the device, unplug, hold in the button and plug it in. Next, release the button.


Thanks, unfortunately I’m in Canada, where we like to source all things cool from abroad lol. Would replacing a standard light switch right next to the door with a zwave switch suffice? Otherwise I’ll have to find a more readily available repeater.

The Monoprice lock is a basic lock with no advanced features which is what you’re seeing the logs. Monoprice has stopped selling the lock as of earlier this year, not sure if they’re going to replace it with an updated model. If the status isn’t consistent it’s likely a Z-Wave network issue, make sure your lock is no further than 10-15ft from the nearest repeater.

You may want to follow up on this thread which is dedicated to the lock’s and DH.

I’m having a weird issue that maybe you can recommend an approach for. I have two BE469 locks. Both of them seem to be working with, I am able to update codes and set schedules. They both seem to receive the updates just fine. I set a switch to turn on when the doors are unlocked with a code, and then turn off that same switch when the locks are locked manually by hitting the schlage button. One door does this successfully, the other does not. I do not have the “separate action for each door” option enabled.

They are both using the same DTH “Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms” as well. I replaced the batteries, just in case as well.

Could be a couple of reasons, the event isn’t reaching ST or the platform is timing out when trying to execute the actions.
For the lock with the issue, open IDE Live Logging, hit the lock button on the lock and then PM me what you see in the live logs. Don’t forget to the filter the logs to show only the messages coming from the SmartApp (not the lock).

I away from home, but will do this tonight. I will say that I can lock and unlock the door from the app, so I think that smartthings is reaching it. I did a zwave repair just in case, and it finished with no issues. Maybe the logs will help. I guess worse case, I can delete the lock and re-add it

@jhamstead I just went and bought one right now. It automatically got detected as a zwave device.
Thanks for the advice!

@rboy would I miss out on any features of your smartapp if I used @jhamstead’s handler for my Zigbee Yale Yrd220?

@jhamstead’s ZigBee is the best DTH to use for ZigBee locks and is perfectly compatible with the SmartApp.
Having said that do note that ZigBee and and ZWave locks from the same manufacturer may have different features. That being said if you have a ZigBee lock, this is the right DTH to use.

Cool. Having never used a smartapp yet, or the st app itself (still waiting on hardware), I just waned to confirm that whether I go with a zwave or zigbee lock, and assuming they both offer the same built in features, that the device handler won’t be what limits me from using your smartapp to its full potential. Needing access to a full activity log, names dates times and actions

There is a raging debate in the community on Z-Wave vs ZigBee which you should check out. Pro/cons.

Having said that, there may be certain nuances, for example the Universal Z-Wave DTH reports things like pin length and autolock status which is used by the SmartApp to enhance the user experience to avoid situations (e.g. entering the wrong number of digits in a user code) . I don’t know if ZigBee locks report that information. But for all the majority of things stuff like programming users, notifications, actions, custom rules etc for unlocking and locking there shouldn’t be any difference. For that matter the majority of things will work just fine with the stock ST Z-Wave DTH also.

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You can read the attributes for allowed pin length in ZigBee and I can report it but have it commented out. I didn’t realize it was used by your SmartApp. What attribute names do you use?

    //attribute "numPINUsers", "number"
    //attribute "maxPINLength", "number"
    //attribute "minPINLength", "number"
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@RBoy Ill be! I add it another repeater and the damn lock gets all the codes now… Ugh! This Z-Wave mesh can be so sensitive!!!

Thanks again!

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I changed the DTH to zwave lock with codes and it is reporting manual deadbolt lock and unlock. Changed it back and nothing. So weird.

Now my Kwikset lock is showing as online and health is showing healthy but the app is showing the door as unlocked but its not. no response to any controls(unlock or lock) but the hub is recognizing and logging the lock activity when manually unlocked/locked.

I have tried to run a zwave repair and get the following:
Network repair for Front Door Lock [03]: Failed to update route

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

Folks, I would request you to not post the logs on the forum directly, it’s not very readable and makes the thread hard to navigate. Plus these logs may contains sensitive things like codes etc which you would not want to share with the community :slight_smile:

Please feel free to eMail us, we have an excellent and responsive support team or you can PM the logs to me and we will get back to you. Thanks.

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You lock has likely lost the connection with the hub, you will need to exclude and repair your lock again. You can post DTH/lock related questions on this thread: