[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I used to have an issue with the “scheduler” I think you called it (I’d set an “Expire on” code, it would be for X date at Y time, and the time would come and pass and the code wouldn’t activate.

It seemed to have fixed about a month or so ago, and it was doing it without my intervention.

I updated the device handler last week, and it seems to have stopped doing it automatically and now I have to go into Smartthings App once the code start time passes, and it’ll activate then, but not if I don’t log into smartthings.

Hope that explains it.

Yes that what I had referred to, the ST platform scheduler performance recently is probably why you’ve been seeing the issue, just reset it as per the instructions in the previous post.

Hi. Ive bought your Smartapp and Im using it on a IDlock. Ive set up with 2 user IDs as this is the maximum for IDlocks. However the lock uses name from User1 and code from User2, and my “master” usercode stopped working.

Tried it (re: pressing the arrow next to the app name). Seems to do nothing (doesn’t take me to a menu), other than look like it was pressed and then toggled off the highlight. Is this working as intended?

Correct. It doesn’t open any pages, forces an internal re-initialization.

Are you using the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Device Handler for your lock? IDLock have special programming mechanisms and don’t report/work properly with the stock ST device handler.

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Hey RBoy, first, thanks for the great apps and device handlers. I use the lock related ones and they have been totally smooth, but I do have a feature request.

I like to get notifications on lock/unlock/jam/etc, but they’re really not necessary when I’m home. It would be great if I could not receive alerts based on a presences sensor. I see some options to “NOT run above lock actions when … people are present”, but it is not clear if that applies to the alerts too. Maybe move all the alerts to their own section and have a Presence and Mode(s) option just for alerts?


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I have a Yale YRD210. If I open the door with the master code I get a bunch of notifications the the door was unlocked by an unknown user. Anyway to stop this?

Also, is this new?
GMT-0500 (CDT): info Retry programming disabled, assuming user was added successfully to the lock

Make sure you’re using the Universal Enhanced Z-wave Lock DH, the stock ST Lock DH does not support all locks but the enhanced supports almost every lock in the market today.

You’ve disabled the re-verification option on the first page setting (under advanced options).

Thank you, appreciate the support.

Each user has their own notification button (notify on unlock) under their names/codes and when enabled it also provides a pop up option to notify only when in certain modes. So if you set the mode to say night/away then when you’re in home mode it won’t send any notifications.

Since users have their own notifications (other all clubbed under one option, jam and invalid users cannot be disabled due to security concerns)
EDIT: Presence based notifications for lock/unlock will be added in the next release

However Lock and Unlock Actions are already linked to presence of users and specific modes.

We have a new update coming out in a day or so with some additional features.

###Door Lock Code Multi User Management with Notifications and Actions - Version 05.05.00

  • Added support for selective use notifications, i.e. when users are not present
  • Added ability to chime/ring a bell when the door is opened (with option to select modes)
  • Improve quality of notifications and simplified user interface

Recommend use the [Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock] ([RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock and August Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features) device handler version 3.2.0 or newer for full SmartApp and automatic update notification functionality

I’m using the correct device handler. Last edit I see is 2017-3-13 3.02.02

I have disabled the re-verification .


I had the same issue, it came after I updated the smartapp or dth some time ago. I reported the issue but don’t know if it ever got fixed, I stopped using this smartapp after it happend. I started using the “Lock single user code management” and “User unlock/lock door notification and actions” also from @RBoy, and they work as expected

Excellent addition to an already great app. Works very well. Thanks!

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having a problem here with the user lock manager…

I have a Yale Keyfree, which has a master user code, as well as the user database. since I last updated, I am getting an unlock notification when I use the master code (coming up as user 251), and I can’t find where to disable the notification.

I realise that in IT terms, I’m using the Admin password to log in to my house, and I know this is stupid, but still… should probably be something to note within the manager app


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Are you using the Universal Enhanced Z Wave DH? If so can you please capture the logs from IDE Live a Logging (filter the logs by the ones coming from the device lock and not the SmartApp) and PM it to me. Happy to look into what’s going on.

Yes, I will do some testing tomorrow and send you the logs.

It’s coded to always notify on unknown user snd master user.

Here’s the log entry for the Master User:

eaca288c-cd72-45b4-8a92-ae6d958300a3  10:17:21 AM: debug "zw device: 02, command: 9881, payload: 00 71 05 13 FB " parsed to ['name':'lock', 'value':'unlocked', 'descriptionText':Front Door was unlocked with code 251, 'data':['usedCode':251, 'type':'keypad'], 'isStateChange':true, 'displayed':true, 'linkText':'Front Door']
eaca288c-cd72-45b4-8a92-ae6d958300a3  10:17:21 AM: trace Battery 90%
eaca288c-cd72-45b4-8a92-ae6d958300a3  10:17:20 AM: debug AlarmReport AlarmReport(alarmLevel: 251, alarmType: 19, eventParameter: [], numberOfEventParameters: 0, zensorNetSourceNodeId: 0, zwaveAlarmEvent: 0, zwaveAlarmStatus: 0, zwaveAlarmType: 0)

Is it possible to to the auto lock an “if” feature? That if being that doors sensor reads as closed?