[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

This is what you see clicking the lock in the device list.

What is the specific model number of your lock? Also, congrats on the awesome deal! That’s awesome and post worthy in itself!

Why is this screen unexpected? What would you expect when you click on the lock in the device list? If you click the ‘locked’ button does the lock successfully unlock?

To access the app, navigate to the automations tab at the bottom of your screen, click the SmartApps tab at the top, and then click Lock Manager.

This lock requires that you set the pin length to the same digits across slots. You can have 4-8 digits but all codes must be the same length. This is set to 4 by default. Check the user manual that came with your lock for instructions on changing it to a different pin length if this isn’t what you want.

Hi Erik. Thanks for the response.

The model # of the lock is # FE469NX. I know. I couldn’t believe it. I was planning on replacing my front door lock, so this was perfect timing!

I don’t think that it’s unexpected, I’m just not sure what they are for and was wondering why they are showing question marks. Yes, it unlocks and locks just fine when clicking the icon.

Yep, I know how to get there. That’s where I created a user (Me), and set the pin code. I waited a few minutes or so for it to update the lock, but it doesn’t seem to do so. When I try using the code I set, it flashes a red X on the lock. (I set my user/code to slot 3, thinking the two default codes take up slots 1 & 2)

Yep, all codes are the default of 4.

I’m having an interesting issue since the latest updates.

I have the Kwikset 910 and with the latest code (apps + handler) I get code unlock notifications just fine, but locking (either manual inside or lock button outside) gets reported as locked by [User1] and manual unlocks no longer trigger push notifications.

In the “Recently” part of the app (I’m away from home so I can’t run logging yet but can later if needed) it shows “locked by keypad” where in the old version it just showed “Front Door is locked” or “Front Door is unlocked” when no user code was entered.

It’s a cosmetic issue but if it could be fixed that would be great.


Thanks for reporting this! This is actually really high on my to-do list because it’s messing up my home automation… I need the Hello Home action to ARM my security system on keypad lock and turn off some lights for one of my locations…

I’ve just been super busy the last couple weeks, but I want to knock out this bug in particular this weekend.

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Will this work with a kwikset zigbee lock? When I try it comes back saying An unexpected error occured.

This will work for ZigBee locks if you use Lock Manager with my DTH. It can be found below.

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So I started from scratch again. I’m using the android app too. I removed all code related to my door locks and reinstalled Erik’s lock manager. the code retry failure no longer happens. I did remove garyd’s old dth and some of my code. Maybe that was causing some conflicts. I’m not too sure. I do know that the retry failure no longer is an issue for me.

I tested out disabling and re-enabling users, that seems to work, but the notifications for these users no longer send a push notification.

Sorry to post again… But just in case it’s been missed…

Anyone use lock manager and zwave reporting DH for yale keyfree connected lock and have it successfully report bad pin attempts? I’ve set up the keypad and push notification for 2 bad pins but I never get anything.

You’re talking about a lock, not a keypad.

A lock only reports on a manufactured number of attempts (3?) but I haven’t yet programmed in a notification for this event. (yet)

Locks with keypads are not ‘Keypads’ They’re considered ‘locks’ in this context. None of the keypad app functionality will work for them. I suggest removing the keypad app from the locks.

Here’s an example of a keypad:

Lowes used to make them, but due to terrible support, no one bought them… It’s been discontinued at Lowes. I picked up 2 a couple weeks ago for $11 each! (they work really well with Lock Manager though!!)

Erik, Thanks for the reply, I thought that as my lock has a keypad built in then this would work that way in lock manager. Thanks for explaining, although it is a shame as I’d love to know when people have been trying to get into my house… or maybe its not good to know that!

Yeah, that’s on the old to-do list. Should be pretty easily implemented. I just added it to the issue tracker.

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I bought 2 myself last week at Lowes for $12 and was going to try them this weekend with your app.

Does anyone else notice that when giving access to a user strictly on mode changes that there is a delay? I thought perhaps that it was just a delay in the notification, but it is actually a delay in the permissions. Sometimes 30-45 minutes long.

Time scheduled users seem to be very accurate. Mode scheduled does not.

I’m trying to use lock manager with Yale but I keep on getting Error: can’t find the lock. Does lock manager works with Yale.


I have the yale keyfree connected lock and it works perfectly with lock manager

So know it working great the only problem im having is with the notification

Hi Erik -

Did Yale come back to you with a suggestion / fix on this? Using a Yale lock and also having the code 99 problem.

Thanks for any advice!

I notice that the app correctly adds and displays entry codes for users that I add through the app, but doesn’t load or display the several existing codes that we entered manually at the lock before we installed Lock Manager. Is this the expected behavior?

We have the Kwikset 914 Z-wave deadbolt. We’re so happy to discover Lock Manager! It was so disappointing to discover (with the default SmartApp) that we couldn’t manage entry codes, but had to continue unscrewing 3 screws each time we wanted to manually change a code.

Thanks for making life easier!

-Doug in Seattle

Short answer: No, the DTHs do not display existing codes.

Long answer: Most locks do not return the current value of a code when requested. Perhaps they do it for some kind of security reasons. The capability for lock codes in SmartThings requires that codes be returned when requested. Since most locks do not return codes, to make a more “universal” DTH we simulate this capability in code. Unfortunately we can only simulate the codes we know about, thus existing codes are not displayed. Some of the Kwikset locks do return codes but I’m not sure off hand which versions do but that would require a less universal DTH. I’m not sure if one exists.

hey all,

i have a Kwikset 914 Z-wave deadbolt. i recently updated from the last Lock Master. loving this new one thank you Erik. I am running into one thing… everytime i manually lock my the deadbolt it arms the house. I really only want this from the Keypad. My Lock: on Hello Home Phase does not have anything in the section On Manual Unlock/Lock… Any cues that might help me prevent this?

Thank you