[OBSOLETE] Jasco/GE Motion Switch 26931

I did verify it is the Device Network ID. In my case it was just another ordinary ZWave Switch. When I associated it I turned on my main switch (with this DTH) and the other turned on. Turned it off and the same thing happened to the regular switch. No comma for just one of them. Be sure to press “Save” in the upper right corner.

I will be documenting this in the SmartThings Wiki and let everyone know when it is completed.

Is it possible for this device to support the “Switch Level” capability? I was hoping to bring this device into webcore and I noticed that there wasn’t a set level action available like the plain GE dimmer switch has, where I could programmatically set it to 15% or similar.

I’ve never toyed with device handlers but wanted to first know if the physical device supports it and if it’s just a matter of implementing in the handler before I started reading up.


Are you referring to this switch type (model 26931) or the DIMMER (model 26933)? The dimmer does have this capability. The switch, being on/off only, does not by definition.

My apologizes. I didn’t realize there were two models. I have the 26933 but used the 26931 handler. Much thanks for pointing that out.

No problem…I am actually surprised you got the wrong one to work. I should be releasing a new version of BOTH DTHs by the end of the month…They will build upon what is already out there.

Great, I’ll be watching. So far, I’ve been impressed with the motion capability of these…better than my discrete GE\Jasco plus Ecolink PIR. The association features are pretty cool as well…I can almost do exactly what I wanted to do without an app with the added benefit of the near instant response.

I know! I have been playing with them recently as well. I like the association feature where the hub/switch actually send commands to other Z-Wave devices. The only issue? The app doesn’t reflect the true state. Oh well…fast response is a small price to pay.

I will put out a new thread for both of these devices when I release the code.

@MichaelS, thanks so much for your reply. The setting did eventually kick in. Unfortunately, my wife didn’t want it to work this way. I had this switch controlling the light, and another smart switch (ge on/off) for the exhaust fan.

Our half-bathroom fan is very loud. Great when you are having “stomach problems” and need additional privacy from other who may be in the foyer, but otherwise, too annoying to be in the room when it’s running. Because it’s loud, it annoys my wife when she’s upstairs reading or in the family room. I think we’d like the fan to turn off after running for ~5 minutes when the room is not occupied. The thought being, if it’s turned on “for privacy” and someone needs more than 5 minutes on the throne, it would continue to run. But after they leave, turn off for 5 minutes to clear the air.

I have not configured CORE, but I guess it may be time I learn it. Is that the best way to proceed given my requirements?

I like WebCoRe, but is takes a while to really learn. For your use case I would actually recommend you buy another motion sensor switch for the fan control. Or swap the light and fan switch if you don’t want two motion sensors. From the sounds of it you want the fan to turn off after 5 minutes after no motion.

No matter what, I still recommend WebCore…it will make some of your automations even more ‘clever’.

If only GE had a ‘smell’ detector…oh the uses for that!

:rofl: Smell detector!

I’ll check out WebCore. I assume you mean that would meet my needs for this even though it’s complex.

Yes. I use it for a similar process with a humidity detector.

Since I am re-writing some parts of the DTH, I wanted to get a sense from the community how they use them. One area I would like to change is the command structure. I assume some of you use WebCore for your automation with these commands. For example, you might issue the “Occupancy()” command to change the switch operations mode. What if I changed it to “occupancy()” (not capitalization).

These interfaces are typically for other programmers to use in their code, but WebCore exposes them. The lack of capitalization will help other programmers and myself when integrating the functionality directly into their apps (i.e Room Manager, Ask Alexa, etc).

Let me know if anyone is ‘married’ to the upper case version as I plan on changing it. If you upgrade your DTH you WILL need to probably change your WebCore apps, but that will be minor.

My switch (and code) works great in the classic version but I just got “upgraded” to the new version and the switch is seen but I get “cannot connect to the device”. I have updated all of the DH but still no luck.

Do I need to delete and the add my switch again? (I am afraid to just delete it as it may not come back)

You can continue to use the old app with migrated credentials. Have you tried that?

Account migration and the App migration are two different things. Use the Smartthings Classic app with your new login. I’ll be using the classic app for as long as I am allowed to.

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I have taken ownership of this DTH and have release new versions. I recommend we deprecate this thread and use that one for support of the switch.


Thanks for your contributions. Is there anyway to mark this thread as deprecated and/or update the start of the thread to point to the new DTH.

The message right above this does that…I have no control over deprecating a thread, however.

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