[OBSOLETE] Jasco/GE Motion Switch 26931

I just got my 26933 switch from Amazon yesterday. I am definitely not impressed and if I had to do it over again I would just get the regular dimmer and an external motion sensor. There are more customizable options with the external motion sensor setup

What kind of options are you looking for? Most if not everything can be exposed to a smartapp or webCoRE.


I found a device handler for the 26933 dimmer. For example the switch has a motion sensor in it. I would like to use that for to activate other things. It provided me the ability to program the occupancy mode, reset duration (time), how many minutes the lights stay on, motion sensitivity levels, disable/enable light sensing, change the ramp up rate of the light coming on, etc.

Smartthings support got back to me and they said they don’t officially support this switch at this time. Thank you for the reply.

Yeah, using the device handlers I have created for the 26931/26933 switches, it allows you to use the motion sensor in other smart apps to trigger other events. If you are having trouble with this, please elaborate.

I used your code and got the function I should have had in the first place. Thank you very much. It is doing what I expected it to at this point

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Just got the DTH installed yesterday. Works great! I would recommend configuring all settings in the DTH as I had issues when I ignored a couple of them.

Noticed that one button is available in ST and Core to trigger actions. ST Smart Lighting just gives me the ability to leverage a toggle as an action. I did, however, notice that the activity does label the top and bottom button accurately (Button 1 and Button 2). I think we need double tap enabled regardless because I just noticed that it triggers on a physical push as well as motion.

Ultimately, I am looking to use Core to switch to manual mode when top (button 1) is pushed and switch back to occupancy mode when bottom (button 2) is pushed. I would like to have the double tap available like I do with this DTH…

Thanks again to all of the contributors!

Back in September we were talking about the Motion Switch freezing up and requiring the air gap be pulled to resume operation. That issue has been fixed and the latest production of Motion Switches no longer freezes up (which was only happening depending on the load connected and other contributing factors). I have replaced all of my first production switches and none of the new ones lock up anymore. They have been super reliable and a charm to have!


Any chance of getting the LED indicator light settings added in this DTH? Mine, by default, does not have the blue LED on at all unless I am manually changing a setting. I’d like it to be turned on when the light is off, as are most of my other switches.

Thank you for the DH. I am pleased to see how well it works.
Suggestion: In the SmartThings app for iPhone, the mode is all on one line in the center tile. It doesn’t wrap so after the 15th character, nothing else can be read. Perhaps format it to wrap within the tile or format it for the tile size?

Also, I don’t know what it means by “…doubletap, which has yet to be implemented”. I would love for a function to be able to override the motion detection when the light is on so it doesn’t always time out. Then reset back to standard programming once it is shut off. Is this possible? Is this what doubletap should do or is it something completely different?

Double tap is completely different. It’s the devices ability to recognize a quick double press on either button.

For your actual issue I’d point you to bangali’s Room Manager smartapp. I think if you install it and create a room occupancy object you will find the granular co trol in multiple scenarios is more like what you want. Just search on bangali’s and room manager - you’ll find it quickly.

Thank you for the advise. I found the room occupancy object and loaded it
as a DH. Unfortunately, I don’t see that it has any affect on my ST
controls. I feel like once a room was added, the controls would become
available but this wasn’t the case.

I admit I am new to smart home DHs and may not be loading it correctly
however I already have this DH loaded, functioning and I used the same
procedure for the Room Occupancy DH… Any suggestions?

Once you load room occupancy, you have to configure the switch not to use local control for the on/off/dimmer, then configure the occupancy objects rules to respond to vacant, occupied, engaged and sleep modes.

I got it loaded but I’m still having some difficulty. I posted under the Room Manager thread to see if I get some answers there. Can’t seem to figure out if “button Pressed” actually relates to a physical button being pressed or is “Button 1” pressed related to a state. Seems like Button 3 is “occupied”…

Ok, I’m new to all of this…Smartthings, DTHs, etc. But I was able to successfully get the DTH for my on/off motion switch to work from this post, so thank you for that. I do have a couple of newby questions though;

  1. The switch is in my garage and turns on all the lights when entered. I would like this to not happen between the hours of 12am & 7am, since I let my dogs out through the garage in the middle of the night sometimes and don’t want the lights to come on at that point. How/where can I set this up? Can I have it so the switch goes from Occupancy mode during the rest of the day to Vacancy mode for those set hours?

  2. Lastly, I had a conventional motion sensing switch in the garage until yesterday when I swapped it out with the smart switch. That conventional switch, if manually turned off, would remain off for as long as the switch’s timer was set to stay on. If that makes sense. So, the switch was set to stay on for 20 minutes, but if I manually turned it off, it would then stay off for 20 minutes before resetting the motion sensor. This new switch seems to reset within 10-20 seconds if I manually turn it off.

Thanks for any and all help! Sorry for the basic questions.

I now have webCore installed. Are there any pistons already posted that you may know of which would set my GE 26931 to set itself to Vacancy mode between particular hours?

Thanks for your work on the DH for this device. Any chance to implement doubletap ? is the hardware capable of it?


I ordered one of these as a test to see if I wanted to install them throughout a new home. I got it installed, added the DTH, and paired it. Motion works to turn on this light and the SmartThings app works to turn on the lights but when the lights turn on they just flash repeatedly, forever—until I turn them off.

Any advice? Could this be a result of switching line and load? Of connecting the neutral wrong? No idea what is going on.

Just in case anyone is as dumb as me and finds this thread: I solved my own problem. I had the neutral connected to the wrong wires. Switched them and it works fine.

@mlebaugh or to anyone else who is able to assist. I have a basic setup I am trying to implement. I’ll say up front that I am a beginner to intermediate user. I’ve implemented a number of public device handlers, but don’t really use many automations; we primarily use Alexa to control stuff.

I just have a half-bath off the foyer which I’ve just installed the motion dimmer for the lights and a ge zwave paddle on/off toggle for the bathroom’s exhaust fan. I just want to add the fan to the association groups so that when the light turns off 5 minutes after motion stops, the fan stops as well. I am assuming that the hex ID number I need is the “Device Network ID” as seen in the device in the IDE. I assume I also don’t need a comma since there is only 1 device in the field in the config page of the motion dimmer. I assume I don’t need 0x28, or something like that, just a simple 28.

I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Nothing happens when I turn off the light. Fan continues to run. Please let me know.

Thank you for writing this for the community. It’s contributions like this that make SmartThings so much better than the out of the box solution.

I just took ownership (if there is such a thing) of the DTH. I am the author of Ask Alexa and have plans to add some of these switches’ functionality to my app. I have NOT tried the associations yet, but may do that today and I will report back what I find. I am not 100% sure it is the Device ID but might be the ZWave ID.

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