[OBSOLETE] Insteon Hub 2244 and 2245 Dimmer and On/Off Plugs/Switches/Bulbs

This is incorrect. you need to use the credentials that are under the My House settings inside the app. There should be a username and password listed in there.

Here’s the step you skipped:

It’s probably a jumbled username/password like KJLJlk12r8y / JIuihf18912

bingo…that was the problem… Had to locate the information on the bottom of the device… Thanks again for your support and guidance

I fully understand that you are doing this in your spare time, but were you ever able to make progress on the “8% issue”?

I have the 2245 also, and got my dimmers added thanks to your great instructions at the top. However still dealing with this issue.

Hi @joels

I have one method that will fix it but it depends on how many devices you have. If you have over … I believe the the count is 255 characters divided by the output of 12, you’ll only be able to hold the device status of ~20 devices.

I’ll give this a run this weekend and let you know what I come up with.


Let me know if you need a tester! I’ve got the 8% bug, not afraid to run new stuff or add devices to test. Really really appreciate what you are doing for everyone. I’ve got a house full of 2 wire dimmers and the work you’re doing is helping me resist getting too far into Insteon. Unfortunately Insteon is one of the few companies that offer no neutral switches, I’m stuck with them! Keep up the good work!

Hi all, I’ve adapted the DTH from @idealerror to work with the Hub2 (2245), and fix the ‘8% error’. It uses the local hub buffer (buffstatus.xml) to get the status of the device, and doesn’t rely on any third-party resource. I think it should work with the original Hub as well, but I don’t have one to test.

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looks to be working fine on my end.

This is great! I’ll test with my 2422 hub and add a note in the original post.

I also have a DTH for an IOLinc set up as a garage door opener/status. I’ve been using it for a while and it seems to work well.

Working for me. As long as I only allow ST to control the Insteon devices, this works good. Would still be cool to get updates, as Alexa and Harmony control them for some one off things, but I also want a million bucks! :slight_smile:
Thanks for this!

@michaelahess it should reflect the correct status regardless of what you use to control your Insteon devices (ie, Alexa, Harmony, manually turning on), as the DTH gets status directly from your Hub, which should be aware of all status changes by any device. By default, it only polls status every three minutes, but you can easily change that in the DTH code. Tapping the refresh button should get a relatively instant status update.

I don’t get any updates, after three minutes or after tapping refresh. Turn on via Alexa, wait, tap a few times, nothing. But turn on and then if in ST and it shuts off. On of course also works fine. No idea why it’s not updating. Since it’s using my public IP for everything, the firewall shouldn’t be an issue right?

@michaelahess You’re correct that it shouldn’t be a firewall issue. Double check in the Hub app to make sure status shows correctly there. Take a look at the logs in ST when you hit refresh. There’s a possibility that the status returned from the hub is not for the correct device, in which case it should retry. If you have multiple devices simultaneously requesting status from the Hub, there’s a chance that the status request is getting overwritten in the buffer by another request. Its an artifact of the way that the Hub provides status and I don’t have a workaround at this point.

Just finding this thread and community today and my timing could not have been better!

First of all, thank you for making this tool available its exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I’ve got one device set up (A dimmer switch) and seems to be working fine, I’ll go ahead and add my other devices later today.

I’m wondering what others’ reasons are for using Smartthings to control Insteon devices.

Mine is basically that I’ve become frustrated with Insteon’s app as a way to control and monitor device status and with Insteon’s general lack of integration with Google Home/Assistant or other device hardware. I’m hoping that Smarrthings will give me the ability to control my Insteon devices in the way I want to alongside other devices and I’m sure I’ll discover the limitations or headaches as I go but how do others using this setup generally feel about smartthings and the more global smart home ecosystem? Am I heading down the right path?

Thanks again.

Basically we’ve all jumped on the Insteon train in the past and decided that it’s not expanding to the depths that we would like. The products are great overall, but you’re locked into the Insteon ecosystem.

With this integration, you can still use the hundreds of dollars of Insteon products you purchased in a more open source environment. You aren’t limited to what you can do and you can expand your home automation beyond what you were capable of before.

Yep, thats pretty much me too. I’ve had Insteon for 4 years or so. Originally bought that because of the x10 devices I had but have phased those devices out so I’m left with an Insteon Dimmer switch, 3 dimmer switches, 4 LED bulbs and a couple of on/off switches.

Now I’ve added a Nest Protect and two non-insteon on/off switches to the mix and I’m tired of having to use different apps for everything.

Unfortunately my biggest need is the scheduling of insteon devices so I’m hoping I can use smartthings for that legacy need while still benefiting from the versatility of smartthings moving forward.

SmartThings can take care of all of your Insteon devices as well as your Nest Protect all from one GUI. :slight_smile:

You can use the “Smart Lighting” app to automate your Insteon lights through SmartThings easily. If you want to get crazy, you can download CoRE (Community Rule Engine) and get super granular with your setup, including “If Nest Protect detects smoke, turn all my insteon switches on” etc.

Yah, starting to explore an this is all looking good.

One question I have is do I need the smartthings hub? I originally thought yes but the deeper I get I haven’t run into anything I need it for yet.

What might I need it for if anything?

You need a SmartThings hub to communicate with all of your devices over various protocols (Wifi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, etc.)

Typically you would have a SmartThings hub to talk to all your newer devices over the various protocols listed above, and your legacy stuff would also work with these custom device types and would be a seamless network of integrated devices.

Great, well getting back on topic, I’m getting all my devices added.

Out of curiosity, why the need to add the static hub info (address, port, user/pass) on each device? Could I modify the code in my device handler to hard code that info so I don’t need to add it for each device?