Insteon Local Control!

I’ve fixed the background refresh.

Dimmer and On Off are supported by Plugs and Switches.

Here’s the Insteon Dimmer:

Here’s the Insteon OnOff:

Works GREAT!!! Just need to setup dynamic DNS

Excited to try this out! Just got a ST for zwave control and zigbee control. Currently lots of Insteon gear with an ISY controller. Im going to get an Insteon Hub to try this out and hopefully leave the Insteon gear in place.

Id keep the ISY in place for local control of insteon and the keypadlincs so groups still work when internet goes down,
use the ST to control from my phone a little better and use SmartTiles and handle the somfy blinds/zigbee fans/insteon lights…
and use my harmony hub/insteon hub/smarthtings to handle scenes for movies and TV.
Sonos controlled either direct, via ST, harmony, or Insteon.

Lots of overlap and redundancy I know :slight_smile:

if i ever replace my insteons with zwaves i guess i can just drop the ISY/Insteon altogether, but I have 16-18 insteon switches, so thats about $600 in switchgear vs $100 to plop in an insteon hub. If it doesnt work well, screw it i’ll switch to zwave

Is there a way to leverage this for use with an isy controller instead of the Insteon controller?

There already is device handlers and a smartApp for the ISY. Been using it for a year works great.

Will this work with a FanLinc and have control over both the light and fan speeds? Also, how about the 6 button keypadlincs?


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Just wanted to express my gratitude for the work you’ve done here! Just got this setup yesterday and it works flawlessly - I can finally use Insteon dimmers in SmartThings - it was such a missing ingredient for my CoRE routines. Thanks so much again!

I am not sure if its on my end but I no longer have local control of my insteon gear through smart things.

Nothing has changed on my end but a new switch. I am able to telnet to the port without issues

Any ideas?

@idealerror would you be willing to share what you did on your back end to parse the malformed xml? I like the work you have done but don’t want to send anything to your server as it looks like your not using https. Thanks…

The php script is a few posts down in my thread

Help!! I cant find the directions to this anymore. I have insteon running on my SmartThings hub but it’s just through http post commands. I would love to have switches that return state but am struggling in getting this installed. Does this still work? I signed up for an insteon Dev account in the meantime and am waiting for their reply. If they deny it I’ll call support as I really would like to have state switches and control over my dimmers. I would much rather not have to rip my insteon system out and start over as I’ve dropped a bit of cash in it lol. Someone please point me in the right direction.

@idealerror, thank you for your great work! I got an outdoor on off switch working with ST thanks to your code. I’m not sure if you are still checking in here. I need help trouble shooting the refresh section. I used your latest code where you fixed the background freshing. However, the code is always detecting the switch as ON at 8% regardless if the switch is on or off. Otherwise the on off command works perfectly! Any input is appreciated! Thanks again!

I see we have DTH for a switch, a dimmer & I/OLinc, but Has anyone been able to create a DTH for a leak sensor? I would think it would be fairly easy, but I am very new to this and I am just learning. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Does the code work with the original hub? 2242-222

I’ve had the ISY interface running for a few months but it doesn’t find my ISY any more. The ISY works fine so I’ll keep it for the auto scenes I have setup.

Thinking perhaps I’ll pick up a cheap Insteon hub off eBay if that’ll get my devices back to being controllable through ST.

Picked up a Hub 2.0 off eBay - code works great, thanks!

Just one thing … my dimmers show at 8% when off. Known issue?

Use this device handler instead: [RELEASE] Insteon Hub 2244 and 2245 Dimmer and On/Off Plugs/Switches/Bulbs

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Thanks! Fastest ‘fix’ ever!


I spoke too soon. Now everything reports ‘Off’ regardless of the state! I’ve a light here that’s reporting by the UD Admin Console as being at 50%. In the SmartThings log I get this:

4:53:13 PM: debug Device is off…
4:53:13 PM: debug Level: 0
4:53:13 PM: debug Status: 01
4:53:13 PM: debug Response is for correct device: 1DE140
4:53:13 PM: debug ParsedBuffer: 02621DE1400F19010602501DE14033B849200301
4:53:13 PM: debug Buffer: 02621DE1400F19010602501DE14033B849200301000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000028
4:53:10 PM: debug [uri:http://xxxxxx:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:25105/3?02621DE1400F1901=I=3]
4:53:10 PM: debug Polling…

Following other thread …

Can anyone help me setup controlling insteon devices using 2245 hub? I tried just about all the solutions in the thread without luck.

has anyone found a solution to the blacklist error?


I tried using this to control an Insteon switch and did not have any luck. One thing I noticed is the “OffPath” preference is a bool type, but it is requesting a string path. After changing the code to to be a string, it still did not work.

My final solution to the problem was to use Alexa routines being triggered by a virtual switch.

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