[OBSOLETE] Hue Dimmer Switch DTH (No Hue bridge) rewritten

Hubitat handles the button capability slightly differently so you’ll need to change some things.

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How to pair or let Smartthings hub to see the Hue Dimmer ? I linked Hue Bridge to ST some months ago bot only light bulbs are seen in ST. THANKS !

You cannot use Hue dimmer switch which is paired to Hue Bridge.
You need to pair the Hue Dimmer Switch to SmartThings Hub directly with my DTH, to use in the SmartThings. This means, you cannot use the switch at both platform.

To get into the pairing mode, you need to long press the reset hole at the back.

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Any plans for local Smartthings Edge drivers for the Hue button?

There’s health check problem in Edge Driver with some of the battery powered devices that never send heartbeat.

Sensors or buttons that periodically send their packets are OK for Edge Drivers,

but Hue Dimmer Switch never sends any packet unless you press the button.
That means, if you don’t frequently press the button, it will become offline.

In Groovy DTH, it is possible to turn off the health check with the following source code, but it is impossible to do such thing in Edge Driver.

sendEvent(name: "DeviceWatch-Enroll", value: JsonOutput.toJson([protocol: "zigbee", scheme:"untracked"]), displayed: false)

I’ve already asked for the solution for this problem.


I just made the Edge Driver version.



I have now connected my Hue Dimmer Switch directly to ST using this Edge driver

However I have a problem as when I try to set up a rule in CoRE (not WebCoRE), and I select the type “Button”, I cannot select a button number, as 1,2, 3 or 4.

What could be wrong?

Regards Simon

buttonNumber is old standard, and it’s not supported with button capability in new platform.

Thank you.

I have read the button-capability from the document, but I stiill dont understand how I then create rules based on if user click the On or Off button, or click the “dim up” or “dim down” button. Can you help by giving a hint?

Just a reminder that webcore will cease when groovy is shut down… perhaps by the end of this year

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You can use WebCoRE with this Edge Driver.

In WebCoRE, if you go into “Select devices by capability” - “capability group 1” - “button capability”,
you can find all of the 4 buttons.

If you want to create a rule with Rules API
the component names are button1, button2, button3, and button4 (from top to bottom order)

Rules with Rules API are still difficult to make. No good tools are available yet. You have to make the rule json (or yaml) manually. You can find documentation for Rules API in Smartthings Developer website.

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Can you make a rule for this device with your Edge Driver Using the regular + Automations in the smartthings app?

Of course. It works well with Smartthings app automations.

One problem is, component names are not visible while creating ST app automations. Automation itself works well though. I’ve reported this UI problem to Samsung Korea.


I got it working, thank you :slight_smile:
Is it correct that the Edge-driver does not show up as a Device Handler?

Question: I see on the frontpage of the device itself, there are the nice 4 buttons, to progam for when pushed and held.
How do I program the dimmer-function-buttons?

When pushing button 2 (which is for turn the light level up), how do I program it to encrease the light level?

And another question :slight_smile:
As in the Hue app, you can program what should happen after you press button 1 once, twice, third and forth time, with different color schemes.
Can that be done in ST and how then?

Technically, this device has two functionality.

In zigbee, there’s such thing called endpoint.
This device has two endpoints.

One is ZLL endpoint, and it is used for controlling lights, as predefined functionality, like you said above.

The other endpoint is ZHA endpoint, and my Edge Driver uses this ZHA endpoints to get button events.

You can use webcore to emulate functionality of ZLL. You can use “adjust level” in webcore to increase/decrease level of the light for button events.

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Any news about the health check?

I have several Hue dimmer switches connected with this edge driver for almost 3 months, and my devices are still online. Health checking is pretty OK for this one.


I have just changed from DTH to Edge for my seven Hue Dimmers. I will let you know what the effects are.
Interesting fact: I forgot to uninstall the cloud handler before installing the edge driver, but it overwrote and replaced it anyway. Everything works.

EDIT: Though it’s not the case, but finally to use local driver I’ve had to delete and re-connect it.

After a few days of using the edge driver, I can say that two of the four dimmers connected in this way regularly drop out of the system and stop working. In addition to these four connected via edge I have three more connected via cloud, in the “old” way.
Could this affect the operation of the locally connected ones?