[obsolete] hs-fc200

This device handler is great! I believe it was in a other thread on the WD200 or WS200 handler that custom capabilities was mentioned. It looks like they are partially available in the automations see my screenshot). I can’t just turn on an LED. It wants to turn on the fan, too.

At the time of writing this Custom Capabilities weren’t supported by Automations so I didn’t know how they’d be implemented.

Unfortunately if the device supports the switch capability then it won’t let you use any of the other capabilities unless the “on” action is enabled which is extremely stupid on STs part…

The child device workaround that I built into this handler should still allow you to control all the LEDs together because it’s on/off command isn’t tied to the fan.

I don’t understand, either.

I’m using the child device or parameters (in Webcore) for now.

Just an update: you can now do automations and NOT have to turn the device on or off. It will default to an action, but you can tap the radio button and it will disappear, leaving just the custom capability being controlled. Works pretty slick.

Thanks for your work on these HomeSeer device handlers.

That’s good to hear. Thanks for the update.

I’ve been lurking in the forums and haven’t seen anyone say anything about Edge drivers for HomeSeer switches/devices. Has anyone else heard? I can contact HomeSeer and see if they are doing it, as well.

They were trying to get their devices certified as WWST which would eliminate the need for most of their custom drivers, but I’m not sure if that happened.

I contacted them this morning to let them know about the deadline, but at this point even I wouldn’t even be able to start working on converting my DTHs until next month because of other obligations…

The core functionality of all their devices should continue to work after their migrated to the built-in drivers and you won’t lose any of the custom settings you’ve changed, but the settings screen will be gone and all the features I implemented in my custom DTH using custom capabilities and/or child devices will stop working.

Awesome. Thanks for reaching out to Homeseer. That would be nice if they get the WWST. I have no concept of the time and effort for things like this. I’m trying to learn, but it’s been so long since college and learning things like that aren’t as easy as I would’ve thought they’d be!

I don’t use child devices now, but (I think) I use the custom capabilities to control the LEDs on the 200/300 series switches.

They’ll most likely have a custom Driver for their 200/300 series switches/dimmers, but not before the Groovy platform gets retired…

Bummer, but good to know it’s coming. Those LEDs are the one big reason I like Homeseer switches.

Thanks, Kevin.

Thanks Kevin for response. As of yet i have not been able to get through to anyone that seems to ha e any knowledge on this.