[OBSOLETE] Garageio Integration - 2022-01-29

I’ve created an integration with Garageio, outside of official channels. Code and instructions are located here:

Step 1: Install Device Type

Step 2: Install Smart App

Step 3: Add Smart App within ST App, supply credentials, pick door(s), and you’re done

The latest version is now using the preferred Service Manager/Device Handler integration, but since it is unofficial requires username and password input instead of Oauth. Hope to get this upgraded eventually but that’ll require some interaction with the Garageio team directly.


2022-01-29 - The integration works better now with the new smartthings app. I can’t speak to the classic anymore as it’s been phased out. If anyone still uses it, it probably works fine, but I can’t test it anymore. It seems like feature wise, this is about as far as we’ll ever get. Garageio is still selling their devices but communication with them went dark long ago and I don’t believe they are interested in working with me anymore. Features like push updates from them or OAuth authentication will likely never be implemented.

I finally got around to doing this myself. Device type just needs username/password for your Garageio account.

Current Limitations and Caveats:

  • Doesn’t take multiple physical Garageio devices on an account at all. Not sure if they even allow this, to be honest.

Yeah, MyQ is the same way. I created a little app that will poll just the door device right after it opens or closes if you have a spare sensor lying around you can put on the door. I really wanted as close to live status as possible, and didn’t want Pollster refreshing everything else I use it for every minute.

I am curious what things Garageio brings to the table that MyQ doesn’t. Why did you decide on it?

Are they shipping yet, their website still says pre-order? I’ve been looking at getting one but wanted to read the reviews first.

Yeah, an additional sensor is an option, but additional cost. Pollster suits the purpose for now, but that’s a good idea if I want to change it up. As far as “why” Garageio, I suppose it’s complicated. When I began looking at alternatives for this, I believe the MyQ either didn’t fully exist yet? Or it was only supported by Chamberlain openers? Can’t quite remember. Garageio looked like something that could become “smarter” and more “nimble” since it wasn’t backed by a huge corporation with a vested interest in a specific brand of door either.

That being said, I’ve heard/read a lot of complaints about the MyQ app. Additionally, the Garageio app is 100% functional, but needs its feature set built out dramatically. Because of the lack of features, something like built in geofencing, customized notifications, etc, I can’t even say right now that the Garageio app functions better than a MyQ app.

I preordered mine in Janurary, expecting a March’ish delivery date and it came in June. They’ve been having lots of issues keeping the product in stock. “Pre order” on their site should probably be renamed since it is shipping, but it’s probably a backorder you’d be placing.

It looks like Garageio now has full IFTTT support. Not sure when they flipped the switch but I know it was talked about when I was looking around. In retrospect, I think it was actually a big part of my decision in picking Garageio over the competition. This was also before I had any SmartThings investment of any kind.

I’ve updated the code for this considerably since this was originally posted. It’s now in a more SmartThings approved Service Manager/Device Handler architecture, can handle multiple doors on a single Garageio device, and takes care of polling through the Service Manager.

I’ve cleaned up the topic as best I can for future Googlers that get brought here.

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@bmmiller, Dave at Garageio here…This is awesome! We’d love to get in touch and chat!

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@bmmiller - This looks great. Just installed everything as described, but while setting up the service I get “Failed to save page: otherSettings” when I hit “Done” on the last step. It authenticates me fine because i see the name of my door and everything. Any ideas what would cause this? Looked through the code briefly and didn’t see anything that jumped out as causing it, but any help is appreciated cause I’m new to SmartThings.

@garageio-dave - Any word on making this official? Have to say I’m excited you’re looking into it…just submitted a feature request for this the other day.

Hello @bonesmurones! Thanks for checking this out! I just tried to re-setup my own Garageio and you did indeed find a small typo related bug. The repo is updated with a fixed version of the Service Manager (Smart App) so please check it out.

Additionally, I noticed the installation instructions are outdated from a previous version of the integration. I removed the old step 2 (and renumbered steps), since you no longer have to add the device yourself. Please manually delete anything under My Devices for Garageio in the IDE, the SmartApp will create this device itself but you do still add the device type under My Device Types. Since you are new to SmartThings, if this doesn’t make sense, you can just back out everything you did, and start from scratch as well.

@bmmiller Worked like a charm…thanks for the help, and the great app!

Looked at your change and you weren’t kidding when you said it was tiny. I figured the error would be in the “otherSettings” function since that’s where it was failing. Didn’t realize the previous pages would affect it. I’ll dive into the ST documentation to try and learn why it worked that way for my own future debugging.

I had a few useless commits in there so make sure you are looking at the right one but the error was due to the SmartApp looking for “Garageio Device v1.1” when I go to create the child device which is of course incorrect. The fix was simply to remove “v1.1”.

My only guess is that it was an incorrect search and replace when incrementing versions on my end.

Updated the UI on the device type to look a little prettier and to use the newer multiAttributeTile functionality.

I’ve posted an update to the device type code that can be replaced in the “My Device Handlers” section of the IDE. It adds the Garage Door Control capability which should allow this integration to be used with all of the standard Garage Door only SmartApps, whether that’s routines or Rule Machine, I imagine.

If someone could report back successful functionality that’d be great. I tested that it shows up as an option now, but am not home and don’t want to open/close my garage door remotely.

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@bmmiller Thank You SO much for writing this integration! :smile:

I thought Garageio was working with SmartThings directly for an officially support integration?

@digitalboi Glad you find it useful :slight_smile: It looks like they are starting to pick up some steam in the market so we might be getting more traffic coming around here.

@coreymcl I originally released this in July of 2014. It has gone through several iterations and is much more polished though. I remember hearing this as well back then but nothing ever materialized so I took it upon myself to create an integration. Garageio ended up reaching out to me and we discussed briefly with some ways of improving the integration but I haven’t had the time to do anything further. The main thing my integration lacks is real-time updates.

That being said, I am not aware of an active integration being done outside of this. I had submitted this to SmartThings as well but it got thrown in the backlog like so many other submitted apps and has basically been ignored. I can only assume that is because of low demand, but that is a blind assumption. Eventually I intend on reaching back out to Garageio to get real-time updates working as it cannot be done without their assistance/approval.

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Thanks @bmmiller for your work. I have it integrated with ST. Although, when set as part of automation routines (auto close when I leave the house or open when I arrive) to close or open, I do not see the garage opening or closing. Virtual Switches when activated manually within ST works. Have you or anyone else encountered the same issue as I am facing?

Thanks for this great integration @bmmiller ! Garageio has ST integration as “coming soon” for the past year or so!
Really hoping Garageio works with you to add the real time updates since that’s the only thing missing.

Example, i have speaker events tied to garage door open/close which do not reliably trigger.

@dipalpat I face this issue as well. Automatic Routines do not work even though the app says that the routine completed.