[OBSOLETE] Four button Tuya Zigbee device DTH (DTH link in post #7) (Same device from multiple brands: Zemismart, Yagusmart, Losonho , DYHF, etc)

I have tested this DH a bit more, and I’ve noticed a problem with storing Actions on the device page on the Smarthings app.

When adding actions for each button (pressed, 2x, held), the actions do successfully get registered in Smartthings, and they appear on the Automations tab. (And they work!)

However - only the actions for button 1 show within the device controls. I can add an action to any other button, it stores correctly on the Automations tab, but on the device controls it says “No actions assigned”.

If I do add an action for another button, that action replaces the action assigned to button 1 in the device controls presentation - even though it doesn’t actually replace the Automation (which works successfully).

I hope this all makes sense.

Have you seen this before, and any guidance how it can be fixed?


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