[OBSOLETE] Dome On Off Plug (Manufacturer-Approved)

I won’t be converting the Dome On Off Plug DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it probably doesn’t need a custom driver.

This is the Official device handler for the Dome On Off Plug (Model: DMOF1)


  • Displays active, low, and high values for Power, Voltage and Current. Allows you to reset them individually.

  • Displays duration, cost and kWh for Energy and allows you to see those values from the previous time it was reset.

  • Allows you to optionally reset the Energy Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

  • Acceleration Sensor capability can be used to determine if the devices attached to the plug are on. The power threshold for determing if the attached device is on can be changed.

  • Contact Sensor capability can be used to determine if the plug turned off due to it being overloaded.

  • Has ability to automatically turn off after a specified amount of time.





  • Enable/Disable LED - Determines whether or not the light on the public is on while the device is turned on.

  • Enable/Disable Physical Button - Determines whether pressing the button on the device toggles the switch or does nothing.

  • Auto-Off Interval - Allows you to have the switch automatically turn off a specified amount of time after it’s turned on.

  • Enable/Disable Remember On/Off - When enabled, the switch will return to its previous state when power is restored to it.

  • Meter Reporting Interval - Frequency that the device should report its values regardless to how much they’ve changed.

  • Meter Reporting Threshold - Percentage that the values need to change for the device to report them outside of the reporting interval.

  • Overload Shut-Off Threshold - Device shuts off if the current is at or above the specified Amps.

  • Overload Warning LED Threshold - LED turns yellow if the current is at or above the specified Amps. (Must be less than shut-off threshold)

  • $/kWh Cost - The cost of 1 kWh that should be used in the Energy cost calculation.

  • kWh Auto Reset Interval - Allows you to have the Energy automatically reset at the specified interval.

  • Inactive Attached Device Current - The number of Amps the device needs to drop below for it to raise the acceleration.inactive event.


This seems to be working for the Neo Coolcam Smartplug as well :smile: Even the configuration works as expected.
I’ve been trying to work out a device handler without any luck, so your post came as a present!! Thanks :sunglasses:

I did notice that the Neo Coolcam doesn’t always provide accurate metering results.
I hooked up a few devices and for some there were no result (probably because of too low power usage), but for most of the devices the result were the same as those measured by a WeMo Insight Switch.

The devices not showing good results were a battery charger and a USB power outlet connected to a phone.
When checking the high results, you do see that sometimes it measures something, but not in the live results.
But this is probably due to the fact that it’s a cheap, Chinese copy of the Dome.

So in short, a very big thank you for writing and sharing the device handler!! :clap: :yum:



How did you manage to have neo cool cam plugs working? In my case they have been discovered as zwave relay. Switched to dome on off plug but can’t manage to have them switch on/off


This does work like a charm with neo coolcam plugs, so thank you!

FABRIZIO, it worked without anything special done.

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So, I had been ok satisfied with the On/Off Plug after installing it. Smartthings called it a Z-Wave Switch and it worked just fine for my purpose. I was annoyed by the constant polling and the fact it was a little flaky. I thought I would try your device handler before making any changes and HOLY MOLEY you turned a cheap outlet into an awesome little power station! This thing is awesome now! I want 100 of them! It still doesn’t always update after it opens or closes but I think that’s a issue with the device not sending it’s state immediately. I was just trying to get it to open or close when I tell it to and now it does much much more. Pretty cool.

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Anyone else have issues with the range on this device? I was constantly having issues with this thing operating with routines or even manually. I moved to to another location to troubleshoot and it was much better. So, I moved it again right near my hub and it worked flawlessly. I put it back where I had it originally and it barely works again now. It’s not even 20ft from the hub. Just across a hall and into a bedroom.

Update: I contacted support and they recommended a Zwave network repair. It failed to update the route…which is kinda expected since I don’t think the device is getting the messages from the hub. I plan to move it closer this afternoon and do the repair again

Were you able to solve the issues? I’m having lots of problems with the plugs. I bought a bunch of plugs and none of them are working correctly. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Plug works great less than 10 ft away from the hub.
  • Once I move it to a different location (even as close at 30 ft with a single wall in between), the plug does not respond to any requests (change settings, turn on/off, refresh, etc).
  • However, the plug does report its status back to the hub just fine. So I can see, in the Smartthings app, the current energy, power, voltage, current stats and whether or not the plug is on or off. If I press the physical power button, I see its status change in the Smartthings app. I just can’t send commands to it, it would seem like it never reaches the plug.

@krlaframboise have you seen this behavior before?

Oh and I’ve tried the Z-Wave repair tool and I always get mesh and route errors.

I haven’t had range issues, but I have 3 of them and they’re sitting in a box.

I probably shouldn’t say anything since I wrote the official DTHs, but I can’t in good conscience recommend these devices because:

  • I had one of them 3’ from the hub and it frequently turned off and wouldn’t respond to commands until I toggled it with the physical switch. The others were further from the hub, but they did the same thing.

  • They won’t burn you, but they’re always really hot.

  • You can’t use them for a light with a single led bulb because they require a certain wattage to work properly. A vendor said the limit and I think it was something like 17 W, but I’m not sure.

  • I have one of those small testers you plug into an outlet and it indicates electrical issues. The wall outlet tests fine, but the plug shows an open neutral. That might be normal with small smart plugs, but all of my other larger smart plugs test fine.


Thank you for this handler!

Is there way to modify it so it is executed locally?
When initially added new Neo Plug some generic Z-Wave plug handler was assigned to device and was able to control device without internet access.
When I use handler with Kevin’s code, the device shows in list with “Execution Location Cloud”. When Internet is off cannot control Neo Plug.

All custom DTHs and SmartApps run in the cloud, but you can use this DTH to configure the device and then change it back to one of the built-in DTHs that run locally.

Thank you for leaving a note about the Dome showing open neutral when off. I checked the one Dome plug I own and it also showed open neutral when in the off position.

The other plugs I have, which are mainly Dragon or Aeotec, do not have this flaw.

Open neutrals are obviously dangerous.

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Hi @yannick

I have NEO COOLCAM NAS-WR01ZE Z-wave Plus Smart Power Plug EU Socket Smart Home Automation Alarm System home
How you have managed to make it working with this DH?
I have changed the device handler to Dome On off Plug but then my plug couldnt connect to Smartthings!

Search the forum for that device’s dedicated handler.

Hi @krlaframboise
Thanks for your reply. I have tried already your other DH
for Neo coolcam plug in other post and i had experienced similar sync issue and i am waiting to test updated version of DH once available.
In this post, it seems Yannick has managed to use this DH for Dome On Off plug and have it working with neo Coolcam plug!!
Trying to understand how he managed to have it working as i tried myself and couldn’t get my neo plug connected to ST!

Within the last few weeks Neo released a new version of the device with different settings, but it came with the old manual so until Neo provides the correct manual there’s no way to configure the new version of the device.

This post is dedicated to the Dome device so if you want to continue discussing the Neo device, please do so on that topic.

Thanks for the Great efforts
We will continue discussion there.

Hi @krlaframboise ,

I just purchased the Dome on/off switch, hoping to monitor current from a particular device.

The device adds fine, but all I get with the new SmartThings app (1.7.27-25) is Power Meter (watts) and energy consumption (kWh) - nothing for currrent or voltage.

I did add the device handler, so not sure what I am missing - is this functionality not available in the new smartthings app?

See screenshot below for what I see:

ST doesn’t have a capability for current so that won’t be displayed.

If you know of any built-in handlers that display voltage let me know and I’ll check to see which “vid” it’s using. I’m not aware of any that support voltage and the “vid” is what determines the capabilities shown in the new app.


This is all new to me, so I’m not sure of any other DH that would show voltage, unfortunately. I will certainly take a look and let you know if I find one.

I recently downloaded the SmartThings Classic app, and can see all the properties as in the first post. It looks like most of that isn’t available in the new ST app, however.

Since you state that ST doesn’t have a capability for current, then why does the SmartThings Classic app show all these things (power (W), Voltage, Current (A)), but the new ST app does not? Not trying to be rude at all, just trying to understand why one version of the app would show this and the other does not.

Additionally, it doesn’t look like you can create an automation (routine?) in the old ST app utilizing any of that data anyway - ST only seems to care if the device is on or off. So I can’t build a routine to say, if Current = 0.0, send me a notification.

I can sort of do this with the NEW ST app, but I can only monitor power (W) - so I will get a notification between the spin cycles of my washing machine as when the motor turns off, W = 0.0. I could try using CoRE, but that seems like a lot to do something so simple.

Apologies if this is the wrong thread to post this in, just trying to figure out how to get a simple notification when the washer is truly done using this device. The problem is that the motor turns off for a few seconds between spin cycles, so the notification is delivered prematurely.

I added an attribute to the handler for current which is why you can see it.

Custom handlers for hub connected devices are not supported by the new app so I’m using an undocumented workaround to get them to work so I have no control over what gets displayed in the new app.

In order to use those attributes in automations with the Classic app you’ll most likely have to use a custom SmartApp like CoRE or Web CoRE