[OBSOLETE] Dome Mouser (Official)

I won’t be converting the Dome Mouser DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it doesn’t need a custom driver.

This is the Official device handler for the Dome Mouser (Model: DMMZ1)

The Dome Mouser is a Z-Wave Mouse Trap that’s designed to humanely eliminate rodents with an electric jolt and send a notification.





  • Supports the Motion Capability and changes to “active” after it’s caught a mouse.

  • Supports the Contact Capability and change to “closed” when armed and “open” when disarmed.

  • There’s a setting that allows you to disable or change the frequency of the LED that flashes when a mouse is caught.

  • Adjustable Wake Up and Battery Reporting Intervals.


This is my version… keeps the little buggers alive… :mouse2: :sunny: :smile_cat:


agreed, they are best when fresh.

Have you caught one with it? Adding mass to the ends will slow the tilt. When you get a jumpy mouse then he’ll shoot out like it’s a mouse cannon, even without the extra mass.

I like the cheap monitoring tho.

So when I started with Dome, I researched for more humane alternatives - I thought catching them and releasing them far from your home sounded better. But as it turns out, releasing them too far from where you found them is considered animal cruelty, since you’re separating them from their family/means of survival. So if you want to catch and release to ease your conscience, release them right outside your home.

That, or put them out of their misery quickly =)

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LOL, if you let 2 of them survive, they’ll reproduce hundreds to come back and haunt you…ugh!

@johnnydangster Exactly! so this is why they are better fried then fresh :wink:

My conscience would be more at ease if I released them outside of someone else’s home :smile:


@elf, release them outside Santa’s home (if he makes you work late)

Well, off to catch some rodents for the bearded one … and I’ll dump some Mouser-fried ones in his red Mercedes :wink:

Oh wow, I didn’t know they were that expensive.

Like everything else here, automation has its price, LOL


Ok. I bought one and should have it today. With my experience with Dome’s water Valve and given I found this in my wife’s Nissan Murano engine bay I figured it was a cheaper alternative to a new wiring harness. Handler is loaded and ready.

that looks huge. You’ll need a bigger trap.

Did that happen overnight?? Or like @ero4444 said, you probably need a bigger trap :smiley:

We don’t open the hood daily. I accidentally opened it today trying to disengage the emergency brake and got the hood instead. Dumb luck. I pulled out the material before taking the picture.

krlaframboise – Hey Kevin, great work on your Dome device handlers (I’m using several now). I’m having trouble with one though, that being the Dome Mouser. The mouse icon is not appearing in the Disarmed or Armed conditions (haven’t tripped it yet to see the RIP icon, but I suspect it’s not there either). I’ve followed the Dome/SmartThings instructions to the letter for installing the “official” device handler (V1.1). The other features are there, yet no mice. Any hints?

I’m seeing the same problem and since I have made any changes and those icons are hosted externally, I’m thinking it might be related to the 3rd party integration issues that SmartThings is currently experiencing.

I just posted version 1.1.1 which uses the icons posted by Dome instead of the ones in my GItHub repository and it seems to have fixed the problem. My GitHub integration isn’t working at the moment so I had to manually copy and paste the code to GitHub.

Thanks Kevin, mouse icon is now there and looks great!

How long should the batteries last on the mouser? I purchased the unit at the beginning of March and it’s gone through two sets of AAs in 6 weeks. Note that it’s yet to be tripped also.