[OBSOLETE] Automatically Capture Every SmartThings Event and Store it Forever (InitialState SmartApp)

Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am adding power monitoring in a few places soon so really want to be able to correlate the data. What I would like to do is do some have some of these views I can save as a tile.

I don’t see a way to make multiple tile pages, so to track different things do I need to publish multiple versions of this app with different keys to have batter/environment/power on different tile pages?

Currently, the only way to separate device capability events into different buckets in initial state (and therefore different views) you must create different SmartApps and select which devices you want for each app. For example, you could copy the app and change the name to something like Power Initial State and Lights Initial State then you could setup the power SmartApp to use a power specific bucket (or however you want to organize) and the other SmartApp could use another combination of events.

Should be pretty easy since you’re familiar with installing/modifying the SmartApps yourself!

Yup done, and working so far. Is there anyway to remove a set of counters from an existing bucket? Or permanently hide them from all views?

Currently, there is no way to delete or remove streams once sent to a bucket. However, we’re in the process of developing a feature to allow a user to hide certain Tiles from view, so that you can do exactly what you’re saying. Right now, the best way (though not user friendly if you have other history you want to keep) is to just create a new bucket.

Cool. I don’t have many to delete so I will just wait. I added some feature requests yesterday and voted on some others. Ohh ya I also purchased an account :smile:

Woo! Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Thanks for engaging! Looking forward to make this an even more awesome tool for you!

So I have an energy switch on the washer now. Looks like it only logs kWh. Is there a way to make it log W? There is no live log for the Smart Energy switch showing up so not sure. The app shows W though.

Hey @mander, currently, the device has to have the capability of incrementing a Watt counter (since kWh is energy usage and W is consumption over time). Some device developers will build this into their device and you can reset the W counter through the device whenever you’d like. However, I have one of these devices and have noticed that I can’t seem to reliably get power consumption from it as events. Device Apps that are capable of counting Ws often don’t send these as events on the ST network, however, you could certainly find some energy meter device code and see if you could modify it to do so!

This is a great idea for an expression inside Initial State though, some way to define a formula for producing a W signal when given a kWh signal over time. Currently, you can define your own equations inside the expressions feature, but this kind of equation would be better suited to have a helper expression because of the time component.

thanks for the update. I have been out all week, but I will check out the device code and the return values and see if I can get what I want. I know on the one device ST shows the current watts. need to figure out how to get that sent. More to follow

So I am using the Aeon Labs Smart switch with energy monitor. The new version of @jpansarasa device handler pulls power (Watts) and Energy (kWh) and the smart app pushes it to the initialstate site with no issues.

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I’m keen to get separate tabs or pages as well. My tiles dashboard is rammed.

It would be great to get the tiles broken into temperature, Power etc.

Other than that I’m loving Initial State


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@JimKirkby being able to separate a bucket into different views is also something I’m quite keen on as well! For now, you can actually create duplicate SmartApps inside your own SmartThings dev account, but it doesn’t allow flexibility after-the-fact. This is why having the ability to configure the views would be really valuable! Rest assured knowing that we’re working on this very experience right now!

Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for being an Initial State user! :thumbsup: :smile:

Had the email today about the new and improved ST integration.

Followed the instructions , new SmartApp appears , Logs showing events being capture agaisnt it in ST , but nothing showing up in Initial State.

Did have the DIY version working a week or so ago …but so far nothing with this version

Hey @andy_taylor can you send me the info on the SmartApp? You can get that info by following the instructions here: http://support.initialstate.com/knowledgebase/articles/678322-troubleshooting-smartthings-integration under the section “Sending Troubleshooting Data to Initial State”

This will help me insure you have the appropriate version running.

Have to say I have the DIY version running as sweet as. I’ll probably stay on that for a while if no one has any objections.

Yeah I know, I’m chicken…


@davidsulpy here you go :slight_smile:

@JimKirkby You’re more than welcome to stay on the DIY version! I created it and it’s instructions to promote flexibility! The official version simply allows you to control the integration from within your account page on Initial State.

Glad it’s working well for you!!

Thanks @andy_taylor so, for some reason, you’re app is missing all the most important pieces in it’s settings! Can you try something for me?

You should be able to go to your Initial State account page and email me a screen shot of your SmartThings Streaming Connection tile? We actually perform a little magic in the background when you load your account page that sets up the keys required inside the SmartApp in order to stream. Once you land on your account page in Initial State, it should automatically see that there are no keys setup in your SmartApp and fix them for you.

The only reason this would not work is if your SmartApp got downloaded manually or without a connection to your Initial State account. Let me know how it goes! Feel free to email me as well.


Hi David

Do you mean this ?

I can always blow it all away and start again. I know I can get the DIY version running but it’s maybe useful for you if we can see why it didnt work for me ?



David, from your uninstall instructions, this bit didnt quite make sense to me -

  1. Click on the wrench in the top right of the SmartThings tile and then click “Deny” instead of Authorize. You may have to log into SmartThings first.

I do not see any wrench icon ? I clicked the smatthings tile in my picture above and selected my location then Deny. Is that the same thing ?