Simplest Arduino (input output) like device supported by smartthings?


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Hi all,

I use Particle.IO products for a lot of my projects. They are controlled right now through IFTTT, but… that’s sort of a hack and introduces a delay.

I’m trying to find out what arduino like devices are compatible with smartthings. Digital input / Digital output devices. Programmable Z/wave, Zigbee, or wifi devices. Anything like that.

This is partly to cut down on the cost of out of the box Z-Wave / Zigbee outlets and dimmers. Several LED strips can be controlled independently with an arduino or photon for ~$20. Temperature / motion sensors are also cheap and can be dropped on the same unit for just a few dollars more.

Thank you!

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There are several options. There used to be a zigbee device you could add to an arduino called the “thingsshield” but it is no longer manufactured. There are several alternatives that people now use. I think the following is probably the most popular:

You can also check the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and look in the device type handler section for the “miscellaneous” list. There are several topics there. :sunglasses:

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That’s really cool - thank you!