[OBSOLETE] Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren

Tested again and I can no longer duplicate the previous behavior. Works great! Thanks for following up.

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I didn’t make any changes so if the performance of the platform degrades, you’ll probably start having problems again.

This is great but I use SA not SHM and SA isn’t available in Rule machine. Any ideas?

I’m assuming by “SA”, you mean “SmartAlarm”, but let me know if I’m mistaken.

SmartAlarm has a siren option in the “Alarm Options” section which allows you to select this device.

You can also use the custom commands by choosing the device from the “audio player” list in the “Notifications Section” and entering the command into the “phrase” field(s).

Yes I am using Smart Alarm, but I would like the beep to sound intermittently when I exit the house using my keypad to set alarm and again to beep intermittently on returning and entering code. This way I have a warning to get out within 30 seconds or disarm within 30 seconds. And I have The siren selected in Smart Alarm. Is there a way to do what I am asking?

The beeping on entry could be done by using the beepDelayedAlarm command, but I’m not sure if there’s a built in way to send the off command when the alarm is actually disarmed in order to prevent the siren from sounding.

I’ll have to look into this and get back to you because I’m not that familiar with SmartAlarm.

Thanks, I refuse to move to SHM as no entry and exit delays are native to the app and I am trying my best to make my automations as simple as possible without loads of rules. I am hoping that SHM becomes the alarm that was promised, with delays on exit and entry. Also the use of a keypad is essential. Presence sensors or apps like 360 are useless as the Geo fence is way to large. You can be at a neighbor and your alarm disarms as it is in the Geo fenced area. I no longer use my phone as a presence sensor. I arm with the IRIS keypad and disarm with the same. More like a standard alarm system. When SHM can do that without depending on rules for delay and rules for this and that I will switch. Yes I use Rule Machine and find it great, but rules I use replace functions that ST does not provide. I will be looking forward to hearing from you regarding the beep on entry and exit. Thanks

I’m trying to set a steady 45 second beep.

I used the command:
3, 1, 9, 5000, 50

But it stops after 3 beeps.

Any ideas?

It looks like you’re trying to do 9 beeps, 5 seconds apart, but only the first 3 are playing because it exceeds the 20 second execution limit.

The startCustomBeep command executes a customBeep command and uses the response from the previous command to execute the next command so that it never exceeds the execution limit.

The command below will perform a 50ms beep once, every 5 seconds for 45 seconds using sound 3 at volume 1:

5, 45, 3, 1, 1, 0, 50


Thanks, I will give that one a shot.

The delayed entry/exit needs to be enabled in order for you to exit without setting off the alarm, but when it’s enabled nothing happens when the door is opened so there’s no way to make it start beeping on entry.

Making it beep while exiting and stopping it from beeping when the system is disarmed can be done through Smart Alarm, but SHM, Notify with Sound, or Rule Machine will have to be used to make it start beeping when the entry/exit door is opened.

If you’re willing to use one of those other SmartApps to start the beeping process, let me know which one and I’ll explain how to set everything up.

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I am willing to try using either device to get the beeping but I didn’t think Smart Alarm was listed in Rule Machine. give me directions for exit and entry and I will give it a try. I have 30 seconds set up for my delay when I enter my code into the keypad on exit and entry.

The problem I see is the way I arm and Disarm using IRIS keypad.

  1. Rule machine has no function or trigger for IRIS keypad I enter code on exit then delay of 30 seconds starts and I receive a push notification saying 30 seconds to arm away or stay etc.

  2. On entry as soon as one of my front doors is opened the Smart Alarm sends me a push saying 30 seconds to disarm or alarm sounds. As of now I have a hall light flashing warning me the alarm is armed and to disarm from Keypad.

Smart Alarm Beeping Entry/Exit

The example below uses Rule Machine to start beeping when the contact is opened, but you could do the same thing using Speaker Notify with Sound or a Custom Monitor in SHM.

Setup entry beep start in Rule Machine:

Define a Rule that uses your entry/exit contact sensor as the Condition.

For the Action, use “Send or speak a message” with the “Custom message to send” set to “3, 29, 3,1,1,0,100” (without the quotes), “Speak this message?” set to True, and “On this music device” set to your siren.

The Rule should look something like:

Setup everything else in Smart Alarm:

In the “Notification Options” section, use the settings shown below for the “Audio Notifications”:

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What is the 3, 29, 3,1,1,0,100" are they the settings in the device type?

You can find a description of all the custom commands this device handler supports in this post, but entering 7 numbers executes thee startCustomBeep command with the following parameters: beepEverySeconds, stopAfterSeconds, sound, volume, repeat, repeatDelayMilliseconds, beepLengthMillisecond.

The example above runs every 3 seconds for 29 seconds and uses sound 3 at volume 1 to beep once without a delay and the beep should be 100 milliseconds long.

Thanks, I will try that and see how it works out.

I’ve found using Speaker Notify with Sound to start the beeping when the contact is opened is a lot more reliable than Rule Machine, but that could just be because I ended up on a flaky version of RM.

The example I used performs 1 beep every 3 seconds, but you could also do something like 3 short beeps every 3 seconds like:

3, 29, 3, 1, 3, 20, 50

It didn’t work please check my settings.

The information I posted allows you to execute those commands without having to configure them in the device settings, but entering them into the settings like you did, will allow you to easily test the beep functionality.

What happens when you press the start beep button?

First here is my Rule using contact sensors. It beeps as it should but not when I open the door. The " before the numbers I changed to ’ as it put double quote. Still no beep on door opening.