Aeon Gen5 Siren

Plugged it in, hub found it, but it will mot turn on or run test. What am i missing?

The most common problem with this device is that it has to be paired securely which sometimes requires being paired in the same room as the hub or pressing the action button on the device more than once during the pairing process.

Some users have also had better luck using this device handler:

Thanks for the reply. I repair d in the room and added the device handler. Got lota of screens that change color but not a peep and no lights. I have a Hub v2 and a 5 Gen siren.

Go into the IDE and open live logging.

Then go into the device settings through the mobile app, enable “debug logging” and save the changes. If debug logging was already, still save the settings screen because hat will force it to resend the configuration to the device.

Once you’ve saved the settings, check Live Logging and see if it displayed any messages.

Not very illuminating. Shows I toggled several things off and on but no lights or sound from the device.

I did have the Secure Command Support line, have performed the reset and remesh a few times along with moving the device within 2 feet of the hub and still can’t get rid of it.

I have a screenshot but do not see a way to attach it. Is there secondary code that was a prerequisite?

Exact process (device 2 feet from hub)

Go to:

My Devices

Delete Siren

Change to Live Logging

Hold button on siren for 20 seconds

When Light goes solid release

On Mobile go to Add Thing

Select Aeon Gen 5

Select connect now

Push action button on siren, light comes on for 5 seconds

When the light goes out push button again, light comes on for 3 seconds

On 4th or 5th push Live Logging states “Checking for secure inclusion”

Screen on mobile goes to Properties

30 seconds later Live Logging says "Secure Inclusion Failed. You may need to remove and add the device again while pushing the action button repeatedly during the Inclusion process. "

Then: "Exception ‘java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method parse() on null object’ encountered parsing ‘cmd: 5E02, payload: 01 05 00 0F 00 0F 00’ "

Hit next on Mobile and Live Logging shows the dreaded "Checking for Secure Command Support "

Mobile shows device connected

Same thing happens if I just hit Add Thing rather than specific device.

Rebooted the hub ---- and now it all works.

Remeshed network and all is good.

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