Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren - Feature Requests

I just ordered the Aeon Labs Siren and I plan on building a new Device Handler for it similar to the Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell and Aeotec Doorbell.

These are the features I want to add, but since I don’t have the device yet, I don’t know which features are actually possible or will end up causing other problems like a long delay before the device sounds.

  1. Keep functionality of default Aeon Siren.

  2. Add Siren Duration preference that turns off the alarm after the specified number of seconds. (This feature will rely on ST scheduling so until that’s fixed it’s not going to be completely reliable)

  3. Add Tone capability (beep command) with preferences for Sound, Volume, and Repeat. I don’t know of any SmartApps that support the Tone capability, but you can set it up as a Custom Command in Rule Machine. I have a theory on how to implement the repeat functionality that doesn’t use ST scheduling.

  4. I’m considering adding additional tone.beep preferences like Beep Duration (milliseconds) and Repeat Delay (milliseconds) which will allow you to determine whether the beep command sounds a single short chirp or something like an entry/exit beep that repeats every few seconds.

  5. Add additional commands and preferences for Siren2, Siren3, …? that have preferences for Sound, Volume, and Duration. You’d be able to set these up as Custom Commands in Rule Machine or use them in your own custom SmartApps, but not any of the built in applications.

  6. Split strobe functionality from siren functionality. This is something I would like to do and I have an idea on a possible way to implement it, but based on the device specs there’s a good chance it’s not going to be possible.

I’m open to suggestions so let me know if there are any features you’d like to see added, have suggestions or see any problems with my plan.


I am interested. Also wondering if you have experienced the issues with the doorbell that others seem to have with range? I would like to get something like this, and it should only have to go about 12 feet, but given the reviews I have concerns about this device.

I’d like to publish this device handler, assuming people like it, but ST has already created and published the Aeon Siren DH.

Does anyone, @slagle, know if that will cause mine to get rejected automatically?

I’ve been holding off on buying this siren because I was looking for more of the functionality you described. Have at it - I for one would appreciate it!

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I’ve completed most of the DH and I hope to release it tomorrow.

It looks like it’s not possible to silently flash the LEDs, but the new DH should have all of the other features I mentioned.

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Since this is a plug-in and battery-operated device, is there any way to use it to inform of a power outage? Just another thought for a feature…

[quote=“mooch91, post:6, topic:40171”]
Since this is a plug-in and battery-operated device, is there any way to use it to inform of a power outage?
[/quote]There doesn’t appear to be any way to detect that the device is running on battery and it doesn’t appear to report the battery level either.

The Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell DH supports the Presence capability and it changes to “not present” when the device stops responding. This is possible with the doorbell because it doesn’t have a battery so it stops responding when the power is out or internet is down.

At the moment it requires manual polling to refresh the presence, but I just figured some things out that should allow me to make it automatic in the next version.

@krlaframboise I could really benefit from ‘6. Split strobe functionality’. I use ‘Smart Alarm’ and ‘Schlage Lock Alarm’. Both of these SmartApps have an option for Strobe only modes. I use the delayed beep function (very nice by the way) to prevent false alarm annoyances with Smart Alarm. But I would like the strobe only feature for ‘Schlage Lock Alarm’ . I want to use a ‘tamper’ feature which is quite sensitive and I don’t want a loud ‘siren’ when the UPS guy knocks on the door.

Anyway, just providing a little motivation if you need encouragement.

I would have built that feature in if it was possible, but the device doesn’t support using the siren and strobe independently.